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Sleep safely

Sleep safely

OP: Shape My Story” by Anna Yano

ED:Hajikero! C3-bu!” by errm the cast…

Episode 1: Is There No Prospective Soldier?

Let the games begin!!!>>


Ok, I had this idea for a while now and I want to do it. However, with several college assignments thrown at me I couldn’t do it earlier.

So anyway the idea is so simple, each of us (the bloggers) will put forward their choice of their favourite song that featured in anime this year. It could be any song from the openings and endings to insert songs, with a little explanation on why it is their choice for song of the year 2012, it can be from the song of the week selection providing it is from anime this year. It is then up to you the reader to vote for your favourite and the winner will be announced hopefully in the new year. I hope I can get everyone on board with this; Lucretia, Raven and I will put forward contenders, I hope that Shuwie and Burnah (If he is still alive – EDIT: yep he was barely) can produce their selections as well, it would be brilliant if they would; let’s make it a full house. So here goes:

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OP:Dream Riser” by ChouCho

ED:Enter Enter Mission!” By Fuchigami Mai, Iguchi Yuka, Kayano Ai, Nakagami Ikumi, Ozaki Mami

Episode 2: Tanks, We Ride Them!

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Episode 1: Tankery, Here it Comes!

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