Hey! Nope, not dead, I’m still alive and well. Although well’s probably a bit of stretch given how tired I am all the time. Basically with my job and side project heating up I’m working something like 12+ hours a day including weekends because business never sleeps.

Anyway, the big update I need to mention is that I have decided to leave my full time job to pursue my side project full time. It’s going very well and I have a gut feeling that this is the right decision. In business people always say to trust your gut instincts and I sure trust mine. What this does mean is that I’m hoping to have some free time so I’m not always exhausted and agitated. That said, the main question I had in my mind is if I’ll properly come back to blogging, I’m not sure is the answer, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

Moving on though, a very delayed SOTW because of all the above. I did go to see Weathering With You recently as it was showing at my local cinema in London and given how much I liked Your Name I had to give this a go. Unfortunately my opinion of it is nowhere near as high as Your Name. Though that said, it was still an enjoyable film and I’m glad I saw it. More importantly, the music was fantastic as always as they enlisted Radwimps again. So therefore my SOTW this week will be my favourite song from the movie.

Here is We’ll be Alright by Radwimps.

Yes, I am still alive. Through a combination of increased shifts over the holidays, dealing with my father’s stuff after his death, AND preparing for a holiday to Japan at the start of April; I’ve unfortunately not been able to save time to do a post on here for a while.

But – great timing – Black Clover has a new opening. Awesome.


Opening Edit:


AL-E2-00Episode 2: Melee: Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings

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Right, I’m still here! Just been ridiculously busy so may have missed a few weeks. So ridiculous that I’ve been a bit down in the dumps with how my life’s currently going, coupled with the fact that I’m still deaf in one ear, doesn’t help my mood. Inevitably that means a lot of listening to sad anime music, to ironically help me feel better. And since SAO’s release I’ve been in love with their new ED and how good of a fit it is for the entire mood of the series so far, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve been watching it. In any case, in case you’re worried I am better, I do pick myself back up quite well, it just takes time. But for now, here is unlasting by LiSA.

Huh. Seems I lost a few weeks. Oh well.

Here’s this week’s SOTW. Black Clover’s 9th OP: a badass tune from EMPiRE with an as-per-usual spoilerific animation (which is also equally badass).



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