I’m aware I’m late again. Sorry. Work and all, it’s just how it is nowadays – I barely have any time for anything else.

Still, I have time to listen to music now and again, as it doesn’t take up much of my attention. And a song I’ve rediscovered my love for recently is this one. Nana Kitade will always be a favourite of mine, and time only cements that statement.

‘Lamia’ also has the slightest of anime links – it is the “B-side” to ‘Punk&Baby’s’, a single which held a second cover version of an earlier Kitade single, ‘Kesenai Tsumi’, which as you may remember was an FMA ending.

So yeah… Enjoy.


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Rainy Conductor
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As everyone knows, I very rarely listen to ED themes, and that habit hasn’t changed at all when we’re halfway through the season and I’ve realised I have no idea what any of the ED themes sound like. So I did a quick ‘sweep’ listen of what all of the ED themes of the anime I’m watching this season sound like and most of them are fairly ‘predictable’ and typical for their corresponding anime. But this one surprised me and actually I enjoyed it, so here is Stella no Mahou’s ED, Yonaka Jikaru by Maria Naganawa & Ryōko Maekawa.

Yes, yes. I know I’m late again. See my last SOTW for the reasons why, as they’re still viable excuses.

And as I’ve just finished work at 11.30pm, and need to be in the walk-in centre tomorrow at 8am, this’ll be quick.

Say what you will about ‘Wolf’s Rain’, but the art was damn good, and the music was damn beautiful. And these two aspects cannot be argued. I’ve talked about ‘Gravity’ before in a SOTW, and that is a haunting song. Well, the opening here’s just as haunting a melody, but having more an overall rock sound.


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Miraculous Harmony
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