For some reason or another, Mio feels like someone’s stalking her. They find the reason to be a price sticker on her hair, people were looking at that.

Then two girls who were peeking in, feel forwards into the room as Nodaka came up behind them. They are a part of the Mio fan club. Mio and Ritsu go on to talk about last time when something like this occurred to Azusa. When Sokabe, who was the head of the Mio fan club a year ago, was stalking Mio on her last few days at the school before graduation. Everyone wanted to do something, so they played Fuwa Fuwa Time to congratulate her on graduation.

The fan club didn’t disband though, Sokabe asked Nodoka to take over and she couldn’t refuse. So she’s here to ask for a favour to host a tea party for the fan club. Apart from Mio everyone else is up for it.

Unfortuantely Sokabe can’t make it on the day, but she asks for it to go ahead anyway as they’ve already informed everyone of the date.

The tea party starts, with a large turnout. Quite a lot of moe coming from Mio, though you’d expect that, I found it quite funny. At the end Mio recites a poem she wrote, which made no sense at all to her fans, so they quickly went to the performance. A new song called Pure-pure heart sang by Mio.

We end with a short scene of a mature looking Sokabe receiving a group photo of the mio fan club.

I do like flashbacks, looking back at things is always fun. I laughed at Ritsu’s random narration during their story. I also enjoyed how Nodaka’s perfect image of her senpai Sokabe was ruined all thanks to Mio. Is it just me, or do they tease Mio a bit too much? Though I do take the point that due to Mio’s hilarious reactions it would be hard to stop, and she is a major part of moe in this series, though still, it’s not nice… Anyway, the random poem by Mio was hilarious, even though I don’t have a clue what she was on about. Though the highlight of the episode has got to be the new song, at last they finally came up with a new song. I must say it’s quite a contrast to the opening and ending themes, much more calm and relaxed, it was still a catchy and energetic tune, just not as much and with Mio’s singing which is always brilliant, the song was quite good. Not a bad episode, new song, big tea party, and Mio stalking, not bad at all…