After looking for a new anime to watch, I came across this particular one. Curious, I watched it. Ten minutes later I was speechless. This particular anime is based upon the manga series “Apocalypse Meow”. However this animation is CGI and is set in the Middle East rather than Vietnam, as in the manga series.

He's behind you!

The episode begins high above on a ridge; two rabbits are watching the enemy stronghold as the prisoners are led inside, with one of prisoners being shot as he tried to escape. Sergeant “Packy” Perkins radios in to HQ (CP), that one of the Canarians had been killed and is request reinforcements on their position. However, backup is approximately 50 minutes away and won’t get there in time. Packy radios that he is going in. Botasky aka “Bota” thinks it is suicide as they had counted 52 enemy combatants and there are only 2 of them. Regardless, Packy orders Bota to cover him and he enters the enemy compound. In position, Packy orders Bota to snipe the enemy and so takes out 3 of the camels. Packy silently kills one of the camels and approaches the prison window. Drawing his sidearm and attaching a suppressor, he dispatches all of the guards and proceeds to free the 2 prisoners.

Make my day

Meanwhile on the ridge, Bota is sniping the enemy camels but loses sight one and immediately comes under RPG and machine gun fire, prompting Bota to radio for help. Packy hears the call, exits the building and takes out the remaining enemy camels. With their position secure, Bota rendezvous with Packy, exhausted. Packy blames the attachments over Bota’s weapon as the cause of his tiredness. Packy then radios CP for extraction, but it is not possible at their location as there are many enemy reinforcements approaching their position, therefore they must head south to meet with the extraction helicopter and pop yellow smoke.

Smoking camels bad for your health

Packy orders Bota to proceed to the extraction point as he is staying to stall the enemy. Reluctantly, Bota proceeds to the extraction point. Packy sets up an ambush just as the enemy reinforcements arrive. He takes out 2 enemy trucks with RPGs and dispatches some of the enemy with machine gun fire. Bota reaches the extraction point and pops yellow smoke; he hears the distance explosions and gunfire coming from the enemy compound. Packy retreats through the compound, but gets overwhelmed and is knocked down by a RPG blast. Suddenly, Bota arrives and takes out the surrounding enemy camels.

Batteries Not Included

Bota tells Packy the prisoners are save, both then head out of the compound, taking out the enemy as they go but get cut off by more enemy camels. They are then surrounded with no way out and are pinned down. All of a sudden, a helicopter rises from behind the hills and takes out the enemy truck. The helicopter, “Angle One” takes out the remaining enemy camels, leaving just Packy and Bota. Packy thanks Angle One for the assist and high-tails it (no pun intended) to the extraction point. Packy tells Bota that he disobeyed his order for him not to come back; Bota’s punishment – getting treated to a drink by Packy as they are extracted out by helicopter.

All in a day's work

‘Watership Down’ meets ‘Black Hawk Down’, this was fantastic to watch. Two rabbits are firing guns and shooting enemy camels like pros. Packy and Bota were definitely elite soldiers, by the way they move throughout the episode. Also they were “double-tapping” their weapons, 2 shots at once giving better accuracy. The use of CGI, which I previously seen in the ‘Final Fantasy’ films and ‘Resident Evil: Degeneration’ made it so exciting, I was cheering on the rabbits. Although, we have to see what the next episode is like before I make my overall decision and if it’s good, would I continue to blog this anime? Semper Fi