Yuki sits with Sodom thinking about all the information he was given and somehow he forgot to ask about Luka and his past life together with him. Thinking about Luka, he decides to ask to leave the residence for a while to search for him. Takashiro agrees and sends Senshiro and Kuroto with him.

Whilst looking for Luka with Senshiro and Kuroto, Yuki finds out that they have some sort of past with Luka and owe him a lot.

We see Luka standing still and then the scene goes into a flashback of him and Yuki’s past life. Yuki says that no matter how many times she’s reborn she’ll always love him. He snaps out of his thinking mode as he notices a cape go past. He catches up with the person and it seems like they know each other. Her name is Elegy.

Yuki arrives at an old Kamakura period battlefield where the Giou clan once fought. But suddenly his head starts to feel dizzy. Kuroto charges forwards, he says there are dark powers here and Yuki was feeling the effects, apparently someone really powerful was here a while ago. We find out a new class of Duras, ‘General Class’, second in power only to the Aristocrats and the demon king himself. Knowing that, they rush away in case danger still lurks.

Back with Luka. Elegy is flirting with him trying to get him to come back to their clan, but Luka draws his sword and makes it clear that he belongs to Yuki. Annoyed, Elegy cracks out her whip and starts attacking. During a short interlude between her attack, she tries again to convince him because she loves him, but he says it’s futile and that he won’t betray Yuki. Angered, she becomes serious.

Off on a not so distant beach, Tsukumo and Yoko senses Luka’s fight and rushes to it.

Luka still overpowers Elegy easily and brings his sword to her head. As a last attack she summons a female Yuki illusion to distract Luka. It works, until Tsukumo and Yoko interferes and injures Elegy. Outnumbered, Elegy decides to leave this time, but vows to be back.

So even Yuki wonders the same thing as me. Then again I’m pretty sure all those who haven’t read the manga wonders what exactly happened with Yuki and Luka’s relationship in their previous life, unless the manga hasn’t got that far either in which case we’re all wondering, but I’m sure it has and I don’t want spoilers. So I assume they’ll keep us all in suspense until the last episode or the one before, then give us the full story.

I wonder if Tsukumo and Yoko had been standing there on that beach for the entire day? They must seriously be bored and they barely said anything. The only thing they did was sense Luka’s fight and help him, which they could’ve easily done inside the twilight mansion. Wonder why they had to come out onto the beach and stare at the horizon all day. Time wasting obviously.

Hmmm… I find myself to dislike elegy, she too… what’s the word, unrefined and flirty I guess you would say, not the type of person you’d want for a friend. She’s also got that arrogant aristocrat attitude too. We all hate snobby people. Good thing Zess was unaffected by all her flirtatious behaviour. She also went on about purebreds, when she mentioned that I was thinking that’s probably Zess then. He does seem the type, and he’s hell strong too.

Another episode to drag everything on. When’s Tweedledee attacking? And also, that General class Dura, I’m suspecting that was Elegy? Though if that’s the case then Luka must be a demon lord or something cos he easily beat her. So, I’m inclined to say it wasn’t her and someone else, but who, that is the question. I hear this series is on for twenty four episodes, so still plenty of episodes to get the show back on the road. Just be soon, I get bored easily if the plot doesn’t move for a long time.