Episode 11: Everyone’s Feelings

Sorry no grapes

Ooo this is getting exciting!!! Minette goes with Aberdeen to see Miriam and agrees to give her core to her even though Miriam would be angry with her. Meanwhile the Ale beam of light continues and more crystal monsters appear. Leicester is searching the town for Minette when Carina arrives on Monte. She explains that the others are searching as well for Minette and she offers to help Leicester by searching from the sky. Monte pin points her location and they both fly off towards Minette. It begins to rain, Shelley is still on top of the Great Church (in the rain) whilst everyone else is searching the town for Minette. Carina and Leicester close in on Minette’s position, when they are suddenly attacked by Avril. Carina sends Leicester on ahead whilst she battles with Avril. The battle seems to be at an impasse, as both prove to be equal in strength and ability.

Carina Vs. Avril

Scared or Constipated?

Leicester arrives at Miriam’s house; where Minette is and is greeted by Aberdeen in the front garden area, in which they begin fighting. Meanwhile the Tortilla sisters and Golem are sitting in the rain (well Ritos has an umbrella, commenting on how sexy her sister looks wet!) waiting to tell the Oasis Clan what they found. Leicester continues battling with Aberdeen, when Minette runs out and asks why Leicester is battling with Aberdeen. He responds with that he is her father and also he plans on saving Aberdeen and Avril as they are in some sort of pain. The fight ensues with a massive explosion which alerts Carina and Avril who both stop fighting and rush to the scene.

Aberdeen Vs. Leicester

Leicester gets up from the resulting explosion and tells Minette that it is ok to be selfish, but he and everybody else are selfish; selfish in wanting everyone to be together. He asks her for a quest; what she wants. She replies that she wants to live happily with everyone including Miriam. Miriam also agrees, who had come out of the house. Miriam tells that she wants the same thing and that she is happy that she has a friend who was willing to give her core to her. At that moment, Carina and Avril arrive at the house. Leicester asks Miriam what her true feelings are. She replies that she wants the same as Minette, to live and be happy with everyone. Leicester accepts it as a quest and Aberdeen accepts with her decision and agrees to find another way of saving Miriam.

Group Hug

The rest of the clan arrive at the house (nice timing!), when Garnet appears out of nowhere who orders the Clan to return back to the Headquarters immediately, Aberdeen, Avril and Miriam as well. At the Headquarters, the Tortilla Company have arrived with some urgent news about the flow of Eru. They explain about the light from the sky and the crystal monsters appearing (Even asking for Leicester as a reward; Carina says no). The light is the Waterwheel of Heavens causing the flow of Eru to go backwards or something which would cause Armageddon. Then Clan agree to fix the problem in which Shelley gives a tip that they have Minette, as her core is an Animal Feller which can restore stability to the flow of Eru. Hopefully this would save Miriam as well, solving to problems at once. All of them accept the quest; The Oasis Clan, The Tortilla Company and The Roland Family begin their adventure at the Waterwheel of Heavens.

All together

That was a close one, I thought Minette was going to sacrifice herself here, but what I want was for them all to work together to find another solution and that is what I got, Yay!! Next episode we will get to see hopefully Agnes’s and Aberdeen’s mentor Altoise and hopefully a nice happy ending to the series…