A shock opening to the episode as a girl called Kamizaki Risa confesses her love to Junichi. Of course Junichi accepts her feelings. The bell rings before they could kiss, but she says to meet again tomorrow lunch to continue.

During class the next day he constantly thinks about her and how this Christmas will be a good one, unlike two years ago.

Lunchtime, he rushes to the rendezvous point. Risa’s already there cos she wanted to see him as soon as possible. They talk and it seems that Risa knows more about Junichi than he wants people to know… Anyway, he wants to introduce her to his friends, but she refuses and says that no one must know that they’re dating and they can only meet when no one’s around. Seeing her tears Junichi promises her he won’t tell anyone.

Late one night Junichi brings Risa to the place where he was stood up two years ago, he knows the place holds bad memories, but from now on it’ll be the place where he had his first date with Risa.

Anyway, Umehara wants to tour the founders festival with Junichi unless either of them have a girlfriend to go with. He tells this to Risa and she says she’ll decide whether or not to reveal herself as his girlfriend or not. As she makes her mind up on the roof we learn of the jealous type of person she is, who thinks she must ‘protect’ Junichi. We see how she warded off approaches from all the girls in previous arcs with a photoshopped picture of Junichi and another girl..

As Junichi revisits the place where he was stood up he gets a surprising visit from Makihara. The girl he was stood up by! She asks how two years ago he didn’t come to the meeting place, apparently someone from class told her Junichi changed the place, but he never did.

Founders festival day, Junichi meets Risa and asks if she’s decided to come tour the place. But she says she doesn’t deserve to be his girlfriend and comes clean with what she did when two years ago she told Makihara that he had changed the meeting point and when she warded off any approaches from all other girls. All this because she wants to protect Junichi. And why does she like him so much? Because back in primary school, they went to the same school, their school had a policy of no leftovers, she hated milk and so didn’t want to drink it, luckily Junichi was always there to drink it for her.

Now he knows the truth but he still likes her and forgives her. He wants her to apologise to everyone she’s lied to and then they can walk proudly as girlfriend and boyfriend. She agrees and they finally share their first kiss.

Interesting ending… well since it was a one episode arc I won’t say too much. We finally meet the girl he was stood up by, and surprisingly it wasn’t her fault. Though still, makes me wonder why didn’t they just text or call each other and say, ‘hey where are you’. But whatever, this plot mechanism is essential for the story so I’ll let them go. Makihara’s not the heartless girl I expected then. But Risa’s a different story.

Risa comes off as the jealous, stalky, clingy type. A bad combination , the type where she’d kill any girl who gets within a feet of the girl, and may kill the guy too. Like school days ending… I think if they did this girl’s full arc it could easily come out with a school day’s ending and be sorta believable. I did think there was something strange when she only wanted them to meet with no one else knowing, I was right to suspect. She’s probably the best to go out with, unless Junichi wants to risk a knife in his back…

Hmm… I wonder what that photoshopped picture of him and the other girl look like, wonder if she put him with some really nice girl, or is she too jealous to even do that. I’m still surprised everyone just bought it though, must be some really good photoshopping.

So this series finishes and it’s been interesting I guess. This is the first time where I’ve seen an anime split into such small arcs. There’s been good and bad times as the ones have followed my blogs all the way through will know. Some arcs were boring to say the least and some I quite liked. I can’t say if it’s good or not as a series, I’ll say it’s alright. If you want some romance this isn’t too bad, go for the arcs that interest you and they’ll be over in 4 episodes. Reminds me of the short series I watched like ‘Looking up at the half moon’. Anyway, the main point is that the good thing is if you don’t like the arc there’s only four episodes so just get through it, but if you do like the arc there’s only four episodes and it’s probably not enough. During the more likeable arcs I wished there was more, and developments could’ve been fleshed out. And then during the boring arcs I just thought the episodes dragged and nothing happened, nothing of relevance at least.

The series is mediocre at best, many arcs were rather cliché and typical, not in a good way, except a few which I liked. Almost all girls in this anime are rather strange, some in a good way, some in a ‘step away’ way. But maybe they suit your test. So like I said, pick an arc you like and watch it. You won’t really miss much even if you watch only one arc. Though you should watch the last episode cos 1 it’s a standalone arc, 2 only 1 episode and 3 you find out the truth about two years ago.

I don’t feel sad at all that this series has finished, actually a little glad that I won’t be blogging it anymore. So many times when I found nothing to say, not nice. Obviously not one of my favourites this season and probably not yours either.  Unless you’ve read the manga or played the dating sim and loved it. But it was too typical for my taste, at least many of the arcs were.

Nonetheless, thanks for following my blog through this.