Episode 1: Classmates Are All Girls

OP: ‘Straight Jet’ by Minami Kuribayashi

ED: ‘Super Stream’ by Youko Hikasa

It's Edward Scissorhands!!!

In the skies within the clouds, two Infinite Stratos fight. The red IS calls for Ichika and is then subsequently hit. Ichika calls for Laura; who is on the ground, fires a barrage up into the air. The white IS dodges and returns fire at Laura. The enemy IS is then attacked from behind by a blue IS. The enemy IS fires a spread of laser in which the IS user; Rin needed saving by the orange IS user, who then calls for Ichika to hurry. Ichika arrives and attacks the enemy IS in a blinding white light.

I hope that's not the line for the toilet...

In class, Ichika is nervous; clenching his teeth. Surrounding him are all girls who look at him puzzled. The vice-homeroom teacher; Maya Yamada introduces herself to class who offer no reaction. Maya then moves on to the self-introduction, when Ichika looks at Houki for help, which she turns away from him. He wonders if she hates him after being his childhood friend for 6 years. He thinking is interrupted by Maya who has selected him to introduce himself. He stands up and introduces his name and with a deep breath finishes which makes everyone pass out in disbelieve. He looks around thinking he has done something bad when he is punched on the head, by Chifuyu; whom he recognises as his sister. Chifuyu Orimura introduces herself as the homeroom teacher and she tells the class she would train them completely in one year. This sends the whole class into rapture. Ichika still calls Chifuyu as if they were family, which still angers Chifuyu who slams Ichika’s head on to his desk and demands him to call her Orimura-sensei. Chifuyu then tells the class what she expects of the class and what they will be doing over the course of the year.

Awkward moment

Ichika reflects over Chifuyu; that she was the first generation pilot of IS and suddenly retiring and then disappeared to return as a teacher for the IS academy. Maya starts teaching the class the basic history of the IS. It was developed 10 years ago as means for use in space. It is banned for use by the military and is only used in competitions and sport. IS academy is only place where students from around the world are trained to use the IS. Ichika narrates that they only part missing is that IS can only be piloted by females, except for him as the only male in the world that is able to fly IS. During recess, girls from different classes come and stare at Ichika, when Houki asks him to come with her for a moment. Up on the roof, Ichika talks to her about not seeing her for 6 years and congratulates her for winning the Kendo competition, Houki is then blushing when the bell rings and they both return to class.

This is where my brain is, apparently

During the lesson, Ichika struggles to understand and when asked by Maya, he tells her he doesn’t understand everything. He is the only one as Maya asks the rest of the class; none of the other students has a problem. Chifuyu comes over and asks Ichika if he had read the reference book before entering the school. He tells her he threw it away, which he receives a clout from Chifuyu, who then tells him she would issue him another one and for him to memorize it within one week. At recess, he talked to by Cecilia Alcott; a student from Britain (Woo Hoo!!), who introduces herself, however Ichika tells her he has never heard of her. This shocks Cecilia and again with the rest of the class, when Ichika asks what is representative contender student. Cecilia explains that the representative contender student is an elite IS pilot chosen to represent their country of origin. She then goes on that she will teach him as was skill full in defeating an instructor in the entrance exam. However, Ichika tells her he defeated an instructor in his test. This angers Cecilia, but the bell rings, so demands to continue the conversation later.

Is this what they meant by sword play...

At the end of school, Ichika heads to his room followed by a group of girls. He finds his room, 1025 and enters to awe struck of the room he is in. His roommate greets him and asks that they get along. Ichika frantically tries to find a place to hide when the girl exits the bathroom. It is Houki, who is then shocked to find Ichika as her roommate. Ichika realises that he and Houki are roommates. This comment is responded by Houki, who grabs a sword from her bag and attack Ichika who flees the room. He shuts the door, but Houki attacks him through the door. Ichika is surround by a group of girls outside his room who are curious, he then begs Houki to let him back inside. A dressed Houki lets him back in. She asks him if he request the room to be with her, to which he asks her to stop joking. This angers Houki and she attacks him again, this time Ichika blocks the attack. After, she lays down rules on when he can use the shower, he suggests using the private bathrooms at the ends of the corridor if in an emergency. Houki thinks he is suggest perverted ideas and attacks him again. Ichika prepares himself and grabs the spare sword from Houki’s bag, but has her bra attached to the end of it. Houki quick grabs it scared, with Ichika responding in an ashamed tone that she wears one. Houki responds to the comment by hitting Ichika.

Boo! Scared You!

The next morning, Ichika and Houki have breakfast with Houki grumpy. Ichika is then joined by several other girls who ask to join him. Houki then leaves; the girls ask him if he knows her. He tells them that they use to be childhood friends; they went to the same Kendo school and were in the same class since the 1st grade to the 4th grade. Chifuyu then orders the students to finish eating as she is dorm supervisor for the 1st years, otherwise she will make them do 10 laps around the running track. During lessons, Chifuyu asks the class to vote for a class leader, who will enter tournaments as well as attend meetings. Two students vote for Ichika, which Cecilia objects to and challenges Ichika to a duel. He accepts and asks how much handicap he should give her, which is laughed at by the class. He then realises that only females can use the Infinite Stratos and a war against men would last 3 days as this makes women far more superior. Even so, Ichika accepts the duel and Chifuyu sets the battle date as next Monday and tells them both to prepare well.

This is a great anime, with a lot of action to come. It must be hard on Ichika being the only man in the academy. It must be also hard on him, as his sister is a legend amongst the school, as well as being his teacher. There is a lot of pressure riding on him, I think he would slowly make friends and they form a team that would kick ass and of course we don’t have to wait long for a IS battle. Can’t wait!!!