Episode 13: Disciple`s Cross (Croce di Pietro)

He has the Dragonball...oops wrong anime!!!

Touma continues to attack Oriana at the private airport during sunset. However, Oriana still proves to be a tough opponent and more experienced in armed combat. As Touma maintains the exchange of blows, Stiyl staggers to stand up and summons Innocentius. For some reason, Touma did not want Innocentius to attack Oriana directly. However, that moment of chaos confuses Oriana as well. This helps Touma to land a punch, which was blocked by Oriana’s arms. Stiyl continues his advance towards Oriana, but trips at the wrong moment. Touma tells him to sit this fight out, but Stiyl ignores him and summons a column of flame, that launches Touma towards Oriana. Touma’s fist connects with Oriana’s chest and she is forced back by the attack. Touma and Stiyl continue fighting each other while charging towards Oriana. She finds herself in a situation where she cannot read her enemy’s thoughts. She tries to stop them using one of her spells, but it is dispelled by Touma’s Imagine Breaker. Stiyl and Touma both land a punch on her, which knocks her down.

She has been spending a lot on train tickets lately

Oriana grabs her spell paper and upon announcing her sorcery name, unleashes a rain of icicles at Touma and Stiyl. Touma is kicked away by Stiyl and is hit by Oriana’s spell. Stiyl then falls to the ground injured, which also makes Innocentius disappear. As Touma sees his ally downed, Oriana tells Touma he should be fighting her, since she wanted to end this as soon as possible. Touma cannot accept Oriana’s methods of acquiring what she wants; although he admits that he does not understand her means of fulfilling what she desires. Oriana unbinds all of the slips of paper that she uses to perform Shorthand and declares that with her next attack, she will end their battle. The pieces of paper flutter and glow as Oriana calls forth a ball of energy from them, and she launches at Touma. Touma manages to dispel the initial attack, but then discovers a core inside the orb which implodes and releases an enormous blast. Touma loses his consciousness, he reflects on Seiri and Aisa; two people who had been collateral in Oriana’s attacks. He also thinks of Stiyl and Motoharu; who have been his allies in the pursuit. Using this thought, Touma regains his balance and dodges Oriana’s punch and lands a powerful punch to her face.

This would make Lucretia go blind...lol

As Oriana stays motionless, Touma checks up on Stiyl, who then tells him to make Oriana reveal the location of the Croce di Pietro. However, they are interrupted by the voice of Lidvia Lorenzetti, announcing that the ceremony will end soon and any attempts to halt it will be futile. Elsewhere, Lidvia prepares for the countdown to the activation of the Croce di Pietro. Touma wants to know more about Lidvia’s plans, but he is interrupted by Stiyl. He wants Touma to focus more on looking for the Croce. However, Lidvia announces that it is impossible as the location of the Croce is actually in the Holy See, an area within the Vatican. Therefore, Oriana was merely a decoy and everything is going smoothly as planned. Stiyl tells Touma to contact Motoharu and ask him to perform a tracing spell. However, Lidvia advises them not to as there is only 107 seconds until the Croce di Pietro activates.

Did you know, no pets allowed in hospital

Touma tries one more time by contacting Motoharu, asking him about the maximum boundaries of the effective area of the Croce di Pietro. Motoharu tells him a location north, about 1700m away. Touma hangs up and starts checking his phone but then drops it. Lidvia announces that it is over and the spell will activate shortly. Touma reflects over failing to protect Academy City. Suddenly the sky is filled with fireworks of all colours; the Night Parade. Touma then stands up as Lidvia stutters to the sudden development, he explains that it is 6:30 PM sharp local time; the time the Night Parade happens at and that the light produced by the fireworks is enough to block out the light of the stars. Touma tells Lidvia Lorenzetti that he will challenge her to an athletic game to decide the fate of the Croce di Pietro. Touma is joined by Motoharu and they both watch the fireworks display. Later that night, Touma is in hospital where he finally explains everything to Index, which annoys her. Mikoto and Kuroko then visit Touma; witnessing Index’s teeth burying themselves into Touma. Mikoto reveals to him the results of the school standings for the Daihaseisai, with Tokiwadai top making them victorious. This means that Mikoto wins the bet and Touma has to do what Mikoto wants, even in his injured state.

Miss, you forgot your boarding pass

Meanwhile, aboard a private plane, Lidvia with the Croce di Pietro; sympathises what happened to her decoy Oriana, only to be interrupted by a voice. It is Laura Stuart, who tells her she was able to plant a rune card on the side of the plane. Laura comments to how real Lidvia’s expression becomes when she is cornered. One of the rune cards located at the main door activates, removing the door and causes depressurisation in the cabin and sucks Lidvia out of the plane. As Lidvia falls back to Earth, Laura offers her a deal; to abandon the Roman Catholic Church and lick her feet, in exchange she would save her life. As a devout Roman Catholic, Lidvia rejects the offer. However, upon seeing the pilot of the plane and the Croce di Pietro, Laura forces a choice in Lidvia; save the most powerful magical artifact, or save the pilot. Laura declares that Lidvia has put herself into this challenge by challenging Laura. Lidvia allows the Croce di Pietro to land on her, which makes her cough up blood. She then continues to laugh as the pilots continues his fall and lands on top of her with a squelchy thud.

Happy Days

In the Windowless Building, Aleister comments on the development of the owner of the Imagine Breaker, and wonders if a certain item might be needed to intervene. The next day, Aisa wakes up from her hospital bed and discovers Index sleeping next to her. Index asks her if she is alright. Aisa tells her that she can go home within the next two days. She then asks Index about Touma being doing reckless stuff again. Index confirms this, which makes Aisa realize that he is just the kind of person who would help everyone, no matter who it is. Aisa feels dejected and thinks that she shouldn’t have been helped by Touma, but Index disagrees. Index and Aisa then hear Seiri arguing with Touma outside the door; him changing while she visits him and giving him a slap for being naked. Aisa asks Index why Touma fights. Index is unsure but remembers from Touma that he fights because it is for himself which makes him happy. Aisa then smiles as a Touma enters her hospital room.

Finally this arc ends. It has been a bit violent this arc with a lot of blood and bone cracking. Also the scene involving Lividia falling out of the plane is a bit sketchy, but nevertheless done to the best of my ability. I should also update that I won’t be blogging both Wolverine and Freezing. Watching the first episode of Wolverine found me wondering why the story ends up with the hero going to Japan, which was the same for Ironman, therefore I won’t continue to watch it, but probably pick it up at a later date. Also, Freezing is not going to be blogged. It is not because of the storyline, but the reason is that the episode is released in 4:3 format only, which is a terrible picture format compared to the brilliant 16:9, which is probably far more superior. Which puzzles me on why broadcast it on such an inferior layout and the issue of it being uncensored (Both very bloody violent and also nudity… but is not stopping me watching it). Plus this anime and with MM! and Oreimo to complete, plus a few OVAs and game reviews planned, I shouldn’t do too much.