Episode 5: Sky Resort

Rio is a prawn in someone's game

Linda is lowered into a room by machines. She is placed in a chair in the middle of the room and she opens her eyes and we see computer imagery in them. Meanwhile Rio is in bed and is screaming that she has overslept having spent most of last night talking with Rina. Rio jumps out of bed to put on her dealer outfit, however it is not there as Rio had sent it to be cleaned. In Howard’s office Rina and Anya look puzzled as Rio has turned up dressed in a shrimp outfit. Rio had grabbed the first thing that she saw as she was in a hurry. Tom finishes his phone call and turns to the girls. He tells them that the Sky resort is opening today; with Anya adding it is the triangular building on top of the mountain. Tom intends to promote the Sky Resort as the highest casino in the World. Tom informs them that they will be working there at the Sky Resort starting today. Mint tells us (The Zombie Anime-Lovers; which does include me…) that there is no casino, but the highest city is Potosi at 4070m high* (I don’t get this info, maybe the translation is wrong as Wenzhuan, China is the highest city in the World at 5,019m). Tom tells them that the Sky Resort will open at noon and they should move their belongings to their new private rooms. Tom then continues to talk about possible events; mostly women only events which will have them in compromising situations, as the girls including Mint, quietly leave the room. In the elevator down, everyone is excited about the opening, but not over the moving of their belongings.

Close your mouths.. you're dribbling!!!

The day of the opening, people have arrived at the opening ceremony, including Mr. Clark. The girls ride the elevator up to the casino floor. Upon entering Anya is amazed that they can see the ocean from windows and she shuffles across and trips. Anya bumps into Linda who greets them. She tells them that she is the Sky Resort dealer and will answer any questions about the Sky Resort. She then proceeds to show them around. Linda shows them the Casino and with the snap of her fingers, everything lights up including the slot machines. Next Linda shows them the holographic theatre; with a snap of her fingers she produces a jungle environment. Another snap of her fingers and they are on top of a mountain, she warns them not to get too close to the edge or they might fall, even though there is a safety system, they can still hurt themselves but won’t die (That’s reassuring!). Going down the hall, Mint talks to Rio about Linda’s snapping of her fingers. Rio tells her that she doesn’t know. Next Linda shows them the extreme slider, a water slide which is the biggest in the world; going all over the resort. Linda notices a huge cargo box left lying around and picks it up with very little effort and carries it with one hand, to the amazement of the girls.

Don't lose your head...too late!!!

They are walking down the corridor, wondering about Linda’s super strength. Linda turns around and she stumbles. Anya runs to try and save her but she trips up. Anya is on the floor and realises that she has caught Linda’s head. Linda tells them that she is a robot and also the main computer for the entire resort. Anya pats Linda on the back and her head falls off again. Tom begins his opening speech to commemorate the opening of the Sky Resort. Tiffany and the Adams twins are there, adding that Rosa is unfortunately not here as she is doing a photo shoot. Linda leaves the girls to do something at the main terminal. At the speech, a woman complains of its long windedness and turns to a young man to prepare. Linda enters the main computer terminal and begins. Tom announces the Sky Resort is open. Moments later the building rises from the ground. Linda continues her checks and finalises that everyone is inside, she locks the entrance. Linda then checks the sky to make sure their course is clear. Being clear and all systems green she commands the Sky Resort to blast off and the building launches into the sky. On the ground, Dana speaks that she foreseen that Rio would go on a journey. Linda returns to her seat as a door opens to the mysterious young man. Linda tells him that this place is off limits and he replies that he has no business with her.

Are those swimsuits legal?

The casino is open and everyone is working, with Rio give luck to her customers while Rina has the opposite effect on hers. Anya trips up carrying betting chips, as sweeps them up Linda walks passed her towards Rio. After a few bizarre robotic movements, Linda challenges Rio to a gate battle, repeating herself like Iru does. Tom accepts the challenge as he had been waiting for something big to have on the Sky Resort’s opening day. Tom adds that they would challenge on the resort’s extreme slider. Anya reports on the event, with Mint, Tiffany (arrgh!! Ok) and Choco as the commentators. Anya then comments that the Adams twins would demonstrate sliding down the slider; however, Anya slips and pushes them down. As the twins slide down, Anya explains that there are several routes to choose from, with different speeds so they have to choose the right course otherwise they are out, as the twins demonstrate exiting an out chute and after landing in the end pool, they have lost their outfit. The gate battle is about to start, Linda tells Rio that she would win, repeating herself. Rio tells her there is something odd about her. Rio is then cheered on by Mint and Rina, to which Rio acknowledges. Anya begins the countdown and they are off down the slide.

This is before the cameraman was injured...with a smile on his face

Linda is enjoying herself, while Rio is screaming. They split off, with Rio selecting the Casino course while Linda takes the pool course. They then both end in the same chute side by side and then they split off again with Rio choosing the superior sky course. Mint and Tiffany wonders if this course is better, with Anya replying probably. Rio exits the building (literally!) and slides down the side of the building. She then ends back into the building and continues the race. Linda adds that she has got quite a lead over her. So she reprograms the computer to change the course to the extreme slider in order to catch Rio. Both Linda and Rio are side by side again into the final stint and they both exit the chute. Linda is standing up while Rio is on all-fours. Anya announces Lin–, however Linda has lost her head and Rio picks it up and hands it to her as she walks passed her, crossing the finishing line. Anya announces Rio as the winner. The young man, who had been watching, comments that Rio got lucky and adds that he doesn’t need her anymore and releases Linda. Linda comes too and wonders what has been going on, adding why Rio is wearing a swimsuit. Tom in his office; turns to the mysterious woman who has entered and comments that she was responsible for the odd actions of Linda. He thanks her; Cartier for an entertaining event. She replies that it is nice to see Mr. Howard once again.

Sorry for the huge delay as I have been busy and lazy lately. I should have done Toaru Majutsu No Index II, but there is so much information to blog, it takes me even longer than other animes do and now I am 2 episodes behind although the latest one (episode 17) isn’t that long winded. Anyway, Rio has another gate card now, beating Linda. This is quite odd really as Linda’ seiyuu is also Mio Akiyama’s and Houki Shinonono’s yet it doesn’t sound like her, weird… I quite like this episode and I want to seriously have a go at that extreme slider and you probably won’t see me for at least a week; me trying all the different courses. Reminds me of the Water Park in Hong Kong, which is unfortunately sadly dead. Seriously, if people want to tackle obesity in children and adults, don’t close go around closing water parks. Swimming is the best form of exercise, better than any other form of exercise. So open more water parks and get out there, swimming. Now the mystery lies on who is this mysterious young man that controlled Linda and I hope we will see more Gate battles in future episodes, well, three cards down ten to go, can Rio go for the full house, I hope so.

*EDIT: Ok, done some checking and the highest city is Wenzhuan, China (5,019m) according to The Guinness book of World Records, but National Geographic (May 2003) gives it La Rinconada, Peru (5,100m) as the highest. So either someone got it wrong with the facts or the freshness has gone to Mint’s head. However, more checking revealed that indeed that Potosi, Bolivia is “ONE” of the highest cities in the World; it is also the location of the National Mint of Bolivia. So it is probably a small little educational joke aimed at Mint.