Episode 7: Blue Days / Red Switch

Quick Run! A boy!

In class, Cecilia and Rin are listening to the rumours about if someone wins the IS Inter-Tournament, they would go on a date with Ichika. However, Ichika is unaware of this and of course it was Houki’s loud mouth that had her promise with Ichika, turned on its head. Just then, Ichika arrives to class, with Charles joining the group of girls asking what they are talking about. The group splits up with Rin returning to her class and Cecilia returning to her seat, leaving a puzzled Charles. Later, Houki thinks about her “loud” promise with Ichika; going out on a date with him if she wins the IS tournament. However, the rumour that has spread throughout the school has made it difficult for her. Houki then thinks that if she wins the tournament, it would be fine. Houki thinks back to when she was in 4th grade and had been entered into the national kendo competition. She was told that she would definitely win. However, circumstances forced her not to participate and she lost by default. The cause was that her older sister announced the creation of IS. People feared that the IS would be used for military purposes, which put Houki’s family into protection; making her move periodically. Eventually she was separated from her parents. She continued her kendo, as it was her connection with Ichika. However, she focused more on her strength, aiming just to beat opponents. She then vows to win for herself.

Come on then if you're hard enough

At the battle arena, Rin is joined by Cecilia; both decided to train for the upcoming IS tournament. They then taunt each other into having a mock battle to see which user is better. After they activate their IS, they begin their battle. However, they are stop by another attack from an unknown source. The attack was by Laura in her IS, who starts mocking the both of them and their IS; stating that they are worthless in having an IS. Rin and Cecilia join forces against Laura making a 2vs1 match and they begin their battle. Meanwhile, Charles is talking to Ichika about having some training today as there is only one more day before the tournament. Suddenly, a group of girls run by talking about an IS battle in the arena. Charles and Ichika run to the arena’s observation area; who are also joined by Houki. They watch to see Rin and Cecilia fighting with Laura. Rin fires her cannons, but they are blocked by Laura’s shields. Ichika is shocked that Laura was able to stop Rin’s attack. Charles tells him that Laura’s IS has AIC (Active Inertia Canceller); stops the inertia of any moving attack (I think). Laura attacks Rin and grabs her with a grapple. Cecilia attacks Laura, but is stopped as they both fire their weapons at the same time. Laura then throws Rin into Cecilia and they both crash into the ground. Laura then fires at Rin point blank, with Cecilia firing a missile at Laura a second later, when Laura’s defence was down.

Try harsher language maybe she'll hear you

Rin and Cecilia move clear of the resulting explosion with Rin complaining that Cecilia was being reckless for firing a missile so close, but Cecilia believes that she may have cause damage to Laura. As the dust clears, Laura is still active, with her arms folded. She launches her grapples and wraps around both Rin’s and Cecilia’s necks. Laura then drags them towards her and she attacks them with close-quarter combat (punching and kicking them). Charles, Ichika and Houki are worried as Cecilia’s and Rin’s shield energy is depleting and with their IS disarmed, their lives would be in danger. Laura continues punching them, which causes Ichika to bang on the force field wall of the observation area. Ichika then activates his IS and breaks through the force field and rushes Laura. Laura turns and blocks Ichika, stopping him in his tracks. Both Rin’s and Cecilia’s IS lose power and disappear and they both fall to the ground. Laura then tells Ichika that he is a fool and not a worthy opponent to fight and she aims her weapon in his face.

The Matrix rip-off

Suddenly, Laura is under attack, which gives Ichika his chance to break away. It is Charles, who attacks Laura to give Ichika a chance to escape. Ichika flies over to Cecilia and Rina and picks them up. Laura aims at Ichika, but Ichika uses ignition boost to dodge the attack, which shocks Laura (only a little). Charles, circles Laura attacking her with machine guns. Ichika drops Rin and Cecilia off to the side away from danger and he is relieved that they are both still conscious. Meanwhile, Charles has been grappled by Laura, who drags him in with Charles firing his machine guns which a blocked by Laura. Laura then prepares to strike Charles with a sword, when it is suddenly blocked. It is Chifuyu, who has entered the arena and stopped Laura’s attack with a sword, which shocks Laura. Chifuyu tells them it is ok to have mock battles, but the going to the extent of destroying the barriers of the arena, is cause for concern making her intervene. She then tells them that the remainder of the battle will be decided in the inter-tournament. Laura accepts the condition and deactivates her IS. Chifuyu asks Charles and Ichika, who also both accept. Chifuyu then orders that all personal IS battles before the tournament are forbidden.

He's taken a vow of silence

Later, Cecilia and Rin are in the infirmary injured after the battle. They are kept companied by Ichika and Charles. Cecilia and Rin both complain that they would have won if Ichika had not intervened. Charles hands them a drink while whispering to them that they showed their awkward side to the person that they like (Ichika) which makes them stammer. Ichika wonders why they were battling Laura, with Cecilia answering that she hurt her pride as a woman. Charles suggests that they were battling for Ichika forcing them to jump Charles and cover his mouth. Ichika tells them no to overdo it and touches them on their shoulders, which causes them pain, proving his point that they are still injured. Suddenly, a huge rumbling sound causes the shelves to shake as a huge group of girls burst into the infirmary and corner both Ichika and Charles. They ask them what is wrong and they hand them a piece of paper. Ichika reads it; with it informing that to make the battles more realistic, the tournament will feature the battles in pairs. Anyone without a pair will be decided by lottery.

Please God! Give me a day at the beach!!!

Suddenly, Ichika and Charles are overwhelmed by demands by the group of girls. Ichika apologises and tells them he is pairing up with Charles, which makes them leave. Rin and Cecilia demand that Ichika should pair up with either of them. However, Maya informs them that since they sustained so much damage in their battle with Laura they cannot compete in the tournament. Since they won’t be in the tournament, they think that Laura would win and then go on the rumoured date with Ichika. They both decide that they cannot let this happen and they both turn to Ichika and Charles, telling them that they should win and that they would be supporting them all the way through. Later on their way back to the dorms, Charles thanks Ichika for earlier, saying that they would pair up for the tournament. Ichika tells him that it would be bad if he was to pair up with someone else and they may expose him to be a girl. Back in the room, Ichika asks Charles that he doesn’t need to keep forcing to talk like a man. However, Charles tells him that prior to arriving he was force to memorize the way men speak, so it would be hard to revert. However for Ichika, he would try.

He works fast

Ichika then decides to get change, realises about Charles and offers to leave the room. Charles tells him it would be weird with one of them outside as they are both guys; Charles pretending to be a boy. Ichika suggest that they change with their backs to each other. While they are undressing, Charles falls over after getting his leg caught. Ichika turns round and catches Charles in his underwear. Fearing that he may scream, Ichika tries to stop him and after a bit of a ruckus, somehow Ichika ends up with Charles’s panties in his hand. Charles then kicks him in the face, knocking Ichika out. Later, Ichika is in bed asleep with Charles sitting next to him. Charles thinks about what Ichika said to him about staying, making him realise that it was the first time that he felt that someone needed him. He then leans over to Ichika and kisses him on the forehead. The next day is the day of the tournament. Ichika and Charles are getting ready, with Ichika amazed that a number of VIPs have turned up. Charles tells him that 3rd years are going to be scouted, while 2nd years are evaluated on their training. Charles asks Ichika if he is thinking about his battle with Laura and tells him not to get too emotional over it. However, Ichika is concerned over Houki as she didn’t select a partner and would get one via a lottery. The screen then changes to show the pairings and the matches. Ichika and Charles are shocked to find that their first match is up against Laura, who has been paired with Houki.

I was really excited to see the battle with Laura in this one, but obviously we have to wait until the next one. Again no Laura in the ED credits, I think it will happen when she warms up to Ichika… eventually. I think I may change my preferred female character in this one as I liked Houki and I still do, but I starting to like Charles (He is a girl! Just to make that clear!  We will find out soon! Then I’ll change the name!). I also feel sorry for Houki as she was forced to move as her sister became feared figure when she revealed IS to the World. This meant she left Ichika without telling him why. However, the arrival of Rin gave him a new childhood friend. I am sorry I have been behind with the blogs as I have pains in my back from sitting at the computer for too long, but I managed to bear the pain for a while to get this one out. I leaving Rio for a while, as the latest episode is a bit depressing, but it will be back; promise. That is enough for now, on to the next episode.