Cruel Angel Thesis

Weirdly enough the first time I heard this song was when a friend received a text and the opening seconds of the song played as her text tune. I instantly liked the song and asked what it was and found the full song was even better. Though I do admit I’ve never seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, I don’t like mecha, or very bloody violence… I did see one of the movies, think it was the first one, can’t remember, but anyway I didn’t like it so basically I was never going to watch it. But you all know by now I don’t care what the anime is if the music is good. So here is the first ‘Song of the Week’ Cruel Angel Thesis:

I think we’ve decided to take it in turns to post up a SOTW. So next week it’s Raven’s turn, I believe… No idea what he’s going to pick, but I hope we all recommend some good songs for everyone to listen to. I’ll restate this again, they are going to be mainly anime related, but who knows, we might decide to post something less anime. Enjoy.