Episode 27: Extra Episode: Plans!

A bit late isn't he?

Set before episode 14, the girls meet up at Yui’s house as Mugi gives them presents from her trip. They are Christmas snow globes and Yui thinks they are pretty with Mugi apologising for not give them out earlier. Yui tells them that she would like to go on a trip someday; Ui tells her that they went on a trip before when they were little. However, Yui can’t remember but only that she ate lots of desserts. Ritsu suggests that they should go on a trip with Yui agreeing the decision.Meanwhile, Azusa is feeding Ton-Chan at her home when she receives a text from Yui telling her they going overseas. Later, Azusa meets up with the rest of the girls at a fast food place. Mugi hands Azusa her present from her trip. Azusa thanks Mugi and continues about the text she received earlier. Mio tells her that they are planning to go on a holiday with Yui adding that they will go overseas to somewhere foreign. Azusa shows concern as they only just returned from the summer festival and the seniors have their exams coming up which they should be studying for. They tell her that they plan to go after the exams and Yui tells Azusa that she is coming to. Azusa then wonders where they should go.

Mio in the sky with diamonds

Later they go to a travel agent to look at some brochures. Azusa shows concern that the summer classes are about to begin and wonders if they should be doing this. Ritsu tells her that they haven’t forgotten about their other commitments with Mio; slightly spacing out tells her that if they had something to look forward to, then the exams won’t seem as bad. They sit down at a table with several brochures, so that they can decide on where they would go. Azusa suggests New York, with Yui getting nostalgic as America is the place where “Gitah” was made. Azusa asks Mio where she would like to go. Mio tells her that she would like to go to Great Britain; the birthplace of rock music and adds that they can go to live concerts or see musicals. Mugi also adds that Great Britain is the home of black tea. Mio then asks Ritsu on where she would like to go. Ritsu tells them that she would like to go to Hawaii. Azusa asks Mugi where she would like to go, she replies that she doesn’t mind on where they go, with Yui also tell them that she doesn’t mind, as long as there is tasty food. It is suggested that they could stay at Mugi’s villa in Finland, with the attraction of an air guitar competition. Ritsu then suggest that they have plenty of time to decide and proposes that they discuss it further at home.

Studying!!! Honestly!!!

Later, Azusa is in a bookstore and meets Nodoka. Nodoka ask her if she plans on going on holiday. Azusa tells her about the clubs plans to go on a holiday after graduation. Nodoka tells her that she is also planning a holiday for the student council and adds that she would like to go to Kyoto again, as there are places she would like to visit. Nodoka asks Azusa where the Light Music club would like to go. She tells her that the group would like to go overseas. After a pronunciation problem between them over a place, Nodoka leaves. Azusa then spots Ui and asks her if she is looking to buy a book. Ui tells her that she is doing research for her sister, which puzzles Azusa. That night, Yui is busy studying when she turns and picks up a holiday brochure. Just then, Ui walks in with some Barley Tea for her and sternly looks at her sister for not studying, with Yui telling her that she was honestly studying (Typical!). Ui tells her sister that she is worried about her going on holiday overseas by herself. Yui reassures her that she would be fine. Ui then hands her the book she got for her and tells her that to come back safe and sound.

Maybe you should just show picture cards

The next day, the seniors meet up to continue the plans, with Mugi already text Azusa to meet them. Yui then stops the girls and tells them that there is something they must do. Later, Azusa arrives at the meeting point and spots the seniors doing some defensive techniques. Pretending, Mio is being attacked by Ritsu, with Yui instructing Mio from the book. Yui then tells Mio to run and she does so and almost bumps into Azusa. Azusa wonders what they are doing and Yui shows her the book given to her by Ui, which is a self-defence book. Mio tells her that they are not letting Ui’s efforts go to waste and Yui suggests that Azusa joins them. Later, Mio suggests that they should also plan if they get lost. Ritsu tells her it would be fine if they had a map and also they could ask for directions. Mio points out that foreign people don’t speak Japanese and adds that they can’t rely on Mugi for the language. Ritsu then suggest that from now on, speaking Japanese is forbidden and they should convey all their conversations in English. Yui then starts talking English; badly. Mugi suggest they could convey their wants through actions. Yui tries to convey her desire for water but the girls can’t tell. Yui then ends up playing a game of charades with them, but it s no good. Just then, Mugi asks the group if they have passports, which shocks the group.

Aww how cute!

At home, Yui finds her passport but it has her old photo of her when she was younger and plus it has expired. Yui adds that she won’t be the only one needing a new one. Mio texts what is need for the passport application. Yui is shocked about the amount of things required for the application, but Ui offers to help her get them ready. Mio texts the others and adds they should meet up when they are ready. Later, Yui is with Nodoka and suggest that she also gets a passport. Nodoka tells her that she would get one when she finds out if she has to leave the country. They then spot Sawako who has just had so ID photos taken. Yui suggest that she is also applying for a passport, but is told by Sawako it is for a gym registration. Yui looks at her funny, this makes Sawako go defensive and she drops her photos. Nodoka pick them up and they look at the pictures. Yui comments that Sawako looks scary. Sawako tells her that she was nervous and decides on having to take another one. She then asks about Yui applying for passport also suggesting that they are going overseas after their exams. Yui then suggests that she comes as well. However, Sawako passes but becomes all over funny when Yui suggest it would be a honeymoon. Elsewhere, Mio is having a picture taken by Ritsu, with Azusa ready for her application.

It's a pufferfish!!!

Later they all head to the registration office with Mugi accompanying them. Mio asks if they have everything they need. They all reply except Ritsu, who finds out that she had left her student handbook at home. She phones her brother to bring to her. They wait outside, but it is too hot so they wait inside the office with air conditioning. Ritsu then meets her brother who hands over her student book. Later they line up and Mio is the first in line, after Yui swaps with her in the queue. Mio hands over her documents, but unfortunately her photo is not accepted as her hair is cut off in the photo. Ritsu asks why she had her hair up, with Mio hoping it would make her look more mature. Mugi suggests taking the photo again, with Yui pointing to the photo booth she used. Mio tries to have her picture taken but is distracted by Yui and Ritsu.

Ready to take the World by storm

Later, they finally done and are sitting outside eating ice cream. Mio wonders what she going to do with the other photos she took after several attempts. Ritsu suggest putting them in a scrapbook. Mio and Mugi starts laughing at one of the photos, Yui and Azusa also laugh after Ritsu shows them. Mugi then tells them that they can pick up the passports in a week or so and they suggest going after classes have finished. Azusa asks where they are going on holiday. They all suggest places until Yui announces that they would go on two holidays. The other holiday is for Azusa when she graduates. Yui then adds that they can go anywhere, with the silent understanding between all of them that they will be together. Ritsu then suggest that they go travel gear shopping. They go to a department store shopping for items they need for their holiday. Later, Yui and the others get their passports with Sawako complaining that she hasn’t gone overseas, offered to join them by Yui, she rejects it in favour for her honeymoon. They still haven’t decided on a destination and they decide on one before graduation, as Mio takes a picture, she reminds them on the summer classes, with that the seniors are determined to study hard.

Yes I am back after a very long spell away. I apologize but the attraction of several bought PC games and one particular DS game that is mention on this website blogged by Raven had me distracted for a while, but I haven’t missed any of the episodes that have aired that I am blogging, so I will get back to them soon. I decided to blog this as a special unique one to get back here and to celebrate the website’s one year anniversary. It was funny that I knew this episode release date a few months back and I had the date firmly etched into my head. However when the day came, nothing. It seems that it went unnoticed for a while until a week later. I think it was due to the fact that the episode was released on Blu-ray and DVD and rather tragically Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami before the date and a number of releases were put on hold. I believe Japan is a very strong nation and I have every confidence that they will pull through this unfortunate event. Anyway, the episode was not what I suspect it would be. I thought it would either a continuation episode or an episode that focused on Azusa, Ui and Jun. However, this episode was a middle episode (episode 13.5 to precise). It seems that they want to go on holiday, this time overseas to somewhere foreign. Overall, to me it seem to be quite an odd episode and I expected something better. Nevertheless, it was nice to see the girls again and it was a nice episode to calm to the fans anticipation as we wait the release of the movie later this year and obviously, I can’t wait!

Oh and by the way, there will be a surprise blog from me soon!