Summer Song – Yui

I first heard this song’s acoustic version in the same single as Again, FMA:B’s opening theme. I instantly liked it, the guitar work alone was enough to listen to and I liked this song more than the song that the single was for. The song’s got a very catchy tune and Yui’s singing makes it all the much better. I first because a fan of Yui when I heard her opening for Bleach, Rolling Star and memorised the lyrics, I have to say the guitar work for all of her songs are brilliant. All the ones that I’ve heard at least. I wanted to find a video of the acoustic version of this song to show you more of the lovely guitar work, but couldn’t… so I’ll have to settle for this version. Ah well, it’s still a lovely song, enjoy.

Think it’ll be Raven next week, think anyway, we usually decide mid week so don’t hold me accountable if it isn’t…

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