We have a trip down memory lane as we learn of the hardships that shrouded Mikuni’s upbringing and we also get an interesting look at Kimimaro and his daily life through Msyu’s eyes.


We now see a huge flashback of Souichirou Mikuni as his younger self talks to his father about money. Who lectures him on the importance of the way you shuld speak and how money turns into power.

He worked as his father’s secretary after college. He had a band, but they separated and he solely helped his father who deals with networking through money and forming networks of support.

His sister is hospitalised and he visits often. She likes his songs but unfortunately music isn’t something he can make a living from. Soon, his father started pushing more and more work towards him.

Seems his sister’s condition worsened and she wasn’t going to survive in a Japanese hospital so he begins procedures to transport her to America. But at that time his father’s network had started to decline.

His father still kept a calm composure and puts on a face that nothing’s wrong. He teaches this to Souichirou as if you start to falter then that’s the end of everything. His father then displays the ruthlessness needed to be in business as he declares he’s going to cancel Takako, Souichirou’s sister’s, transfer to America as they don’t have the money, besides if she dies the company isn’t affected. Souichirou storms out of the room and declares that he’ll use his own money to get her there. But he was put under house arrest and rendered powerless.

One night he was called to the hospital and there his sister lost consciousness and has yet to wake up again. From then on, he closed his heart and everything was business. On a business trip to America he meets Masakaki and enters the financial district. He won his first deal whilst protecting his asset. He sees the financial district as a world that toys with everyone’s futures and that’s why he decided to make his guild, to toy with this world and protect the real world.

Back in present day with Kimimaro. We hear what Msyu thinks of him. A strange person who doesn’t know what he wants to do is what I got. But he’s also one of a kind, as the relationship between him and his asset is somewhat different. Msyu knows that an asset is the embodiment of the entre’s future, but she doesn’t know what that actually means.

The two have a meal in the financial district and meet up with their first opponent. He knows nothing either. They notice some people messing around with their assets which irks Kimimaro but he’s told it’s best to not let it bother him.

After leaving the meal place Kimimaro suddenly runs back and hits the guy who was messing with his asset and gets into a fight. Msyu asks why he did that and he says it’s because he was irritated and he thought it was probably right to snap. Msyu think Mikuni and Jennifer are interested in him because he does these things.

During an afternoon of television Msyu tells Kimimaro to stop on a channel with people who’re kissing. She then wants to try it, Kimimaro stops her and says her feelings must be 30 times the amount of feeling she has for him.

On another trip to the financial district Kimimaro notices some buildings have disappeared. The chauffeur tells him that if he just believes it’s his imagination it’ll probably be easier. But then he notices something else!

Unfortunately we don’t get to see what that something else is. And I have no idea, it could be anything, though probably something big to be able to catch his attention so easily. And not something stupid like a huge evil pink teddy bear destroying the city, and if Lotso just came into your head then I’ve done my job…

This episode seemed a bit ‘too’ calm after all that’s gone on. Kinda like the usual calm before the storm type of episode. Which makes me wonder what kind of ‘storm’ this is, but it could very well be in that stage of the plot where it’s fleshing out all the characters and developing the story in depth, which is good. As long as they keep it interesting.

Well I had a feeling Mikuni would have a bad history. You kinda expect it from a guy like him. He just had that ‘been through a lot of hardship’ feel. But wow… money is quite the scary thing to be enough to drive you away from your family, where your priorities should always lie. After all, the public won’t like someone who just threw their daughter’s life away. I’m kinda surprised that Mikuni’s sister’s still alive, not saying I wish her to be dead, but you know if it’s this sort of backstory with someone in hospital, they will probably die. Though that is a cliché so I’m glad she’s still alive. Even still, I didn’t like it that much, I mean, I’m a sucker for these types of stories and it was rather depressing but I’ve seen enough of these now. I don’t think anything will be as depressing as Clannad for me, or Air.

I like how they’re trying to make assets seem more human, if they look human. Kinda reminds me of Chobits although I didn’t really enjoy it that much, but yeah, making something non-human human seems the way to go in some animes. Guess it kinda adds to the emotions and touches on some arguments in the real life like animals rights and stuff.

Anyway, next episode will see if this was the calm before the storm or just one backstory episode of many more to bring depth. And also, I guess we now know that Mikuni’s intentions are good, but still, I’m watching him, people with dark pasts can easily go evil.

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