Episode 3: First Mission

I wonder what else she has down there

Kinji arrives at the assault building and sighs. Suddenly Riko runs up and snatches the piece of paper in his hand. She notices that Kinji has selected Assault as an elective. Kinji snatches it back, stating that he is joining forces with Aria for one mission only. Just then Riko remembers that Kinji likes the arcades and she has an exchange coupon. She removes it from between her breasts showing a little of her bra, which Kinji notices and blushes observing its colour Gold. Kinji heads to the door, but as he reaches for the handle the doors open and he is greeted by four fellow classmates. They comments on Kinji’s return to Assault and ask him to entertain them, which he angrily refuses. Kinji then wonders why he came back, when he is called from behind. It is Aria, which makes the four classmates to leave.

I have no ''eye'' dea how to play

Aria comments on Kinji’s popularity, but he simply hates it. Aria tells him that no one approaches her as her skill far exceeds anyone else. Kinji tells her that she alone just like the meaning of her name, Aria; a song sung by one voice. He then adds that he is to become her slave to make a duet, which makes Aria laugh. He tells her to go on ahead home, while he heads to the arcade. Aria asks him what an arcade is. He tells her and she opts to tag along; curious about the arcade. They start walking which leads to them trying to outpace each other; shouting at each other to stop following, until they start running down the path. Eventually they arrive at the Arcades out of breath. Inside, Kinji exchanges his coupon and turns to find Aria drawn to the crane game. She finds the cuddly toys inside cute; Kinji offers to teach her how to play, to which she nods enthusiastically. After several attempts, Aria fails to pick up a toy in the game and uses up nearly all the coins, which makes her angry. Kinji then uses the last coin, to have a go at the game. This attempt is more than a success as he manages to pick up two of the cuddly toys.

Free toy yay!

On the way home, Aria is smiling with delight with the two toys. She eventually stops and hands one to Kinji as a present, which makes him blush. Back at his dorm, Kinji puts down his schoolbag and looks through the window. He looks down at the toy, Aria gave him and he smiles. He then looks at his watch [18:20] and then at the several clocks around his room [18:15]. He figures that his watch is cheaply made and is 5 minutes fast, so sets it to [18:15]. The next morning, he heads to the bus stop at [7:53] to catch the [7:58] bus; commenting on that Aria is not there to spoil the day. However, he notices the bus moving off from the stop. He gives chase but it drives off into the distance. Meanwhile on the bus, a girl’s phone rings. Apologising for it ringing, she answers it. The caller tells her that there is a bomb on the bus. Back with Kinji, he complains on missing the bus when he gets a phone call from Aria. She tells him that they have a mission; a bus has been hijacked.

New cruise control

On the bus, everyone searches the interior of the bus for the bomb, but have no luck. Outside, a yellow sports car follows the bus and pulls along side. There is no one driving, but suddenly an Uzi pops out, Ryou Shiranui (I hope this is the guy’s name; correct me if I am wrong) shouts to passengers to get down as the bus is hit with a hail of bullets; shattering the windows. Meanwhile, Aria and Kinji run down a corridor to the garage as Aria explains that the bus hijacked is the bus that Mutou Gouki is on and the one Kinji missed. They get in the car and Aria drives fast out of the garage. Whilst driving Aria tells Kinji that she suspects that the criminal is the Butei Killer. Even though it was reported that the criminal was captured, Aria still believes that the real killer is still out there. Aria states that their mission is to save everyone on that bus. Kinji agrees. Meanwhile, on the bus, Mutou has been shot, but is ok as he is wearing a bulletproof vest, however complains it still hurts. Ryou comments that with the car turret alongside, they can’t move freely around the bus.

Ok Ms. Kanzaki, after the 3-point turn, you make a right while I do a drive-by...

Aria and Kinji are still trying to intercept the bus, with Aria’s instincts that the bus would head towards Odaiba; which has more civilians than Academy Island. Aria adds that she hopes that Kinji can help on their first mission. Such a big mission, Kinji wishes that he can keep up. Aria wants Kinji’s special powers to help, but Kinji tells her he doesn’t have any as he is a ranked E Butei. Aria tells him that she would protect him. Back on the bus, a group of male students ask Ryou to help them take out the car turret. Ryou tells them it is stupid, but they believe that when the head into the tunnel, the automated camera would need time to adjust to sudden change in light. They then get ready by the window. The two vehicles enter the tunnel and the students aim at the car. However, before they can fire, the turret opens fire, forcing them back into the bus. The turret then fires directly at the bus. After the turret stops firing the bus starts to weave from lane to lane. Mutou notices the driver has been hit and now has to drive the bus. The car turret spots his heat signature and aims at him. However it is destroyed before it can fire. It is Aria and Kinji; with Aria shooting out of the window, whilst Kinji struggles to drive the car. Aria takes out the automated car’s tyre and it spins out of control, crashes and then explodes.

Extreme vehicle service

Aria then pulls alongside the bus. Kinji calls out to Mutou. Mutou tells him that there is a bomb on the bus. Aria tells Kinji she is getting on the bus to defuse the bomb. She also tells Kinji that he is coming too. Aria then jumps to the bus followed by Kinji; who looks at the steering wheel and accelerator jury rigged; a make shift cruise control. He jumps to the bus as the tunnel curves to the right and the car crashes into the wall. Aria and Kinji look around and notice a lot of people are wounded. Aria tells Kinji to look for the bomb; she would look outside whilst he looks inside. Mutou tells Kinji to look under the driver’s seat; the one place they haven’t able to check. Kinji looks, but finds no bomb. He asks Mutou if he is ok. Mutou tells him that he is fine, but the bus isn’t as it is leaking fuel. Aria shouts to Kinji that she has found the bomb. Hanging outside the back window, Aria tells Kinji that the bomb has 3,500cc of explosives; Kinji stating it is enough to destroy a tank, let alone a bus. Aria tells him that she would be able to defuse it. Kinji is then called by Ryou, who tells him that they are being watched and should stop the transmitting device before the killer makes his next move.

Tough shot

Kinji heads to roof of the bus and finds the transmitting device. He removes it as Aria asks him for help and then spots him on the roof in the open. Busy arguing with each other, another turret car appears. It locks on to Kinji on the roof and fires two bullets, Aria jumps up at Kinji knocking him down as she turns and shoots her guns at the car; bursting its tyres, sending it into a skid and crashing. Exiting the tunnel, Kinji calls Aria but she is unresponsive. He notices that she has been hit and she is bleeding. Just then Kinji hears a helicopter and looks to see it pull alongside the bus on the bridge, Kinji notices it is Reki. Reki is aboard the helicopter with her SVD Dragunov sniper rifle. She aims at the bomb and fires (once; shown three times for effect or did actually shoot three times) hitting the bomb and sends it into the water below, which then explodes showering the bus with water.

No, I don't want any grapes!!!

Later, Kinji meets Reki and asks her how she knew Aria. She tells him that Aria is her client as she asked for her help during the mission. She also was told that if Aria teamed up with Kinji, she could do any mission, Kinji looks into Aria’s room with a guilty look. Aria is crying that she may end up with a scar as Kinji enters the room. Drying her eyes, she tells him that she is being hospitalized for a couple of scratches. She then states that she shouldn’t of save someone as stupid as him. Kinji hands her a report telling that they cannot find anything that could lead to a potential suspect. Aria then tosses the report in the bin and asks why Kinji didn’t use his powers. Kinji replies he doesn’t have any and states that he would quit being a Butei. Aria tells him that her situation makes Kinji’s quitting compared to nothing. He still tells her he is quit Butei, she then tells him that he is not the one she was looking for as Kinji leaves the room.

Sorry for being away for a long long time, but real life has caught up in the middle of it all and finding time to blog is being difficult. However, I managed to find time and I should be able to write a few more before I get really bogged down with work in the summer. Anyway, another action packed episode, with no sign of Keanu Reeves (bomb on bus!?!). I did plan on blogging Dog Days, but I may or may not start it as I have stalled watching it. Also Moshidora was released an episode a day and was finished within a week so, no to that then. However, I was planning on Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes, however the fansubbers are being so frustrating that I gave that idea up (mkv vs. Avi). Anyway, I can guarantee that I will be continuing with Hidan No Aria and a pick up from a few unfinished blogs and OVAs I have being planning.