Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden

Yeah, that’s right. 2 weeks in a row. Take that, society.

Anyway, this song also passed me by until around a month ago. Soul Eater is one of my favourite anime/manga ever. Period. You see, when I heard “Soul Eater Repeat Show”, I expected a repeat of Soul Eater, including original openings and endings. Instead, they gave us this. This rules. I hadn’t even heard of this band until I listened to this opening, and I now love USG. And you should watch the actual opening animation that goes with this. Epic song + epic anime rollercoaster = epic awesomeness. If that’s an actual term.

Single Version

TV Version

So, enjoy this belated celebration of a brilliant anime. Thank you, Atsushi Okubo. And maybe next week it won’t be me doing this again.

11. Long Kiss Good Bye by HALCALI
10. Ana by Lia
9. Sky by Fripside
8. Ao-Iconoclast by KOTOKO
7. Help!! -Heaven- & -Hell- Sides by Ayana Taketatsu & Saori Hayami
6. Be As One by W-inds
5. 99% by BOWL
4. Summer Song by YUI
3. Smile -You & Me- by Elisa
1. Zankoku na Tenshi no THESE by Yoko Takahashi