Currently with a field advantage of 2 grade 3 monsters Gouki looks certain to win. But with a brand new trump card Aichi may stand a chance. It comes down to just one turn, will Aichi take the win and head to the finals?


Even with 2 grade 3’s staring Aichi down, he doesn’t back down. He guards the first attack, is unable to guard the vanguard attack because of boosts, but guards the last. 4-3.

Aichi calls Gancelot to rearguard and fills his field. His first attack is guarded but his other 2 succeed. 4-5.

Gouki congratulates Aichi on improving, but he’ll now show him the true power of his deck and summons a powerful grade3 named Basskirk. He then draws a card and places it into Basskirk’s soul for it to gain 2k power, he then activates another monster’s ability and sends that card to Basskirk’s soul by discarding 3 cards from the top of his deck. This makes 8 cards in soul in total which means he can activate counterblast. At a cost of 5 he can resurrect a maximum of 5 cards, but he only chooses 4. He then attacks, first attack is guarded, vanguard is nullified, and even with a critical trigger, his last attack is guarded thanks to Gordon’s special ability. No damage. However because of guarding, Aichi barely has a hand. Gouki knows that if he gets one more turn he’ll win.

Also knowing that this is his last turn, Aichi refuses to let down his teammates. Suddenly he feels strange, as though the cards are calling out to him. He draws and summons Soul Saver Dragon! Apparently Kamui had warned not to put that card into his deck, but the same feeling a second ago told him to put it in before they stepped into the tournament grounds. And now, with a soul 5, he activates its skill and powers up his monsters by 5k power. Gouki is just able guard the first attack, nullifies Aichi’s Dragon, but Aichi draws a stand trigger and untaps his first attacking monster and gives it 5k power. Gouki also guards the third attack using up his hand. And with no monsters Gouki falls to Aichi’s fourth and final attack. With that, Team Q4 is heading to the Nationals!

Kai seemed to have noticed that Aichi felt something, but he shrugs it off.

Gouki warns Aichi that the nationals are at a higher level so he must train more and improve. And in other news Nagisa still hasn’t given up on Kamui yet.

The medals and trophies are presented by Ultra Rare and the person who gave Aichi his Alfred tells him to visit her shop again. Thus concluding the regional tournament.


Well, that was definitely what most people expected/hoped. If this series was going to continue, which most people, including me and Raven, expected, then Aichi had to win and reach the next level of his duelling ‘career’. I’m quite happy I was right that he had a new trump card, a dragon as well. As you all know, or will know now, I love dragons, so it’s nice to see another dragon, even rivalling Kai’s Dragonic Overlord. However, I don’t like how this dragon made a cross kind of shape when it appeared as though it’s the Jesus of dragons… But anyway, apart from the stance the dragon took, I was very happy with the look, power and ability of it. I did think it might be a little OP as 5k power boost for all monsters is a high amount. But I remind myself that it is situational. So I’ll let it slide, and it is a dragon so I don’t care as much.

Just as a side note, was anyone counting if it was actually 8 in soul in Gouki’s vanguard? Not that I don’t trust this anime or anything but it has made mistakes before. I think I’ll count next time just to be sure and complain if they get it wrong… I like complaining…

Well, this more and more likely going down the TCG anime cliché route… A sudden sensation of a card calling you… the most overused top decking method in all TCG animes. Though I always trust my gut feeling more than my brain, doesn’t always pay off I have to say.

Last thing, me and Raven had a short argument on the sex of that red haired person in the preview for next episode duelling Kourin. I think the person looks male, but Raven says the opposite. What does everyone else think? I do admit I don’t see an adam’s apple but the person is wearing a choker. Though I guess that points to female more… still, I think the person’s male.

But we’ll find that out next episode so I’ll leave it there. It looks like this series will continue to maybe 50 odd episodes then? Looks likely especially with new characters and the national tournament to do. Also what was Kai thinking when he saw Aichi’s top decking abilities? Something more is going on, and I’m now looking forward to a second long TCG series alongside my Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s dub.