When a financial district’s cash reaches 0, the country disappears. One country’s counter reaches 0 and the country’s destruction begins. Mikuni gathers up a huge defence fund, but is it enough and will he make it on time?


The money indicator of certain financial districts show to be declining rapidly. If a financial district goes bankrupt, the country disappears with it as proved a while ago when the South American financial district went bankrupt.

In the real world, as Jennifer walks across a busy populated area, everyone suddenly vanishes. She visits the information broker and is given a memory card, and he says that someone from the starling guild is likely to defect. Apparently he’s seen Msyu before, or recognises her, and it might have something to do with Kiimimaro’s father.

Back at university, Kimimaro notices sudden decreases in number of students. He continues his daily activities and notices more disturbances as shops close down and his friends acting strangely. Another time he sees Ebara on the roof of the university and quickly saves him before he could jump off. After losing his children he found it hard to do anything and he wanted to free himself. But Kimimaro says that he’ll try to find a way to bring them back, and so, he heads off to the financial district.

His new plan involves using large sums of Midas money and may have to enter the next deal with nothing. He calls Masakaki and offers to pay even 100 times the future that Ebara had to buy it back, but unfortunately that’s not possible. And the reason isn’t something Masakaki knows, only the people ‘up there’ know and getting to them is impossible.

His next stop is the information broker who offers a solution of paying compensation to Ebara, but of course that’s not what he’s after.

In a short scene we see Jennifer talking with Isurugi, a high profile member of the Starling guild.

Back to the financial district at the Starling guild’s headquarters, because of the disturbances in the financial district, Mikuni has decided to seize everything from his guild members and also those that are not in the guild. So to start this operation he instructs his close followers to take down the top 3 members of the guild.

In the real world more events start unfolding. As Kimimaro looks for Ebara he’s apparently at a funeral accident. Elsewhere Hanabi cuts up and bins pictures of classes she used to teach.

In a park a kid loses drops 1000 yen and it flies to Kimimaro, but as he’s about to give it back, the kid vanishes. He later passes by the information broker on his way somewhere with bags of money. The broker tells him that what he wants is trust, as trust is what gets him money.

Kimimaro heads to the financial district, dumps the bags of money onto the ground and burns them saying that he’d prefer his future than this. He then goes to Mikuni and realises that what Mikuni wants, is to take people’s futures to save the present. At that time, one of Mikuni’s subordinates report to him that Singapore is going to fall and so he returns to his guild.

We see the Southeast Financial district reach 0 and the destruction of a city begins.


So I was right, it was the calm before the storm episode, quite a big storm too. Quite a surprise that if the financial district goes, so does the country. I mean even if a country’s economy dies they should get bail out, or can declare bankruptcy, like Greece… though they won’t declare bankruptcy, too much international pressure. Anyway yeah, doesn’t make sense why the financial district would take the country down with it. We did get a glimpse of ‘those above’, if they are the ones destroying the financial district i.e. the ones that Masakaki mentioned who controls everything. They looked like a huge tentacle monster or something… it could be a huge asset who eats everything if the financial district dies. The Masakaki’s in the other financial district look exactly like each other with a different colour scheme, shame they didn’t do something like Pokemon with their Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys. That would’ve been interesting…

I don’t like that information broker, though I guess he’s not meant to be liked. What good is money if there’s nowhere to spend it? Although his question was interesting; money or future? The future is uncertain and money, if it’s trustworthy, unlike money from Zimbabwe a few years ago… then it has credibility and is certain. But still, uncertainty is good, that’s why people invest. Profit can be made from uncertainty. Speaking of trust in Midas money and reprinting, if you print too much trust will decrease, at least that’s how it works in the real world with exchange rates and such, dunno if exchange rates affect Midas money. Then again Kimimaro didn’t have much to destroy so he couldn’t make much of an impact to the system. If it was Mikuni that’d be a different story, destroying that much money would at least do something.

And another thing, if a financial district can just print money, why not do that instead of letting it collapse? I don’t understand that because obviously a country won’t ‘disappear’ if it runs out money, it’ll just print money. Well, I hope for an explanation of this sometime.

Going back to Mikuni, I don’t like his logic of saving the present even if it means using up the future. Is it better to save the present even if there’s no future? If you can make sure the future is secure then at least you know if you can grit your teeth through the present everything will be better eventually. That’s my view on it.

Mikuni surely is ruthless though, taking everything his guild members have and destroying their future so he can use the money for a ‘greater cause’. Quite a utilitarian view. Well, we’ll see if he’ll succeed or not, my guess is he won’t and he’ll have to face Kimimaro, who’ll then win and somehow save everyone himself. Either that or this goes down a ‘bad’ route and no one wins.