A country vanishes and the aftershocks known as [C] are soon to be arriving at Japan. Does Mikuni have enough funds to save the country? Even then, is it the right thing to do?


A huge meeting takes place in the IMF to discuss the collapse of the south-eastern Asian economy take place just as the south-eastern financial district’s cash counter reaches 0.

People disappear, buildings are ripped by a black space, and within seconds the entire country of Singapore vanishes.

Elsewhere Masakaki warns that he’ll be using up 20 years of the future as Mikuni plans to do something, but he doesn’t care. He needs to hurry as [C], the chain reaction of a loss of a financial district, soon arrives at Japan.

The chain reaction starts as all stocks decline massively and Hong Kong and Shanghai are hit taking several buildings with it. Next is Japan. Luckily Mikuni was able to accumulate a huge sum of cash and should be able to save the large banks and corporations in Japan.

We now see how he got that huge amount of cash. In essence he used up 20 years of a future and visited the rotary press of the financial district to print out the money.

Japanese stock prices start to drop as [C] approaches. Mikuni quickly takes action and buys as many stocks as he can to push the price back up. Luckily he has enough and they escape the devastating effects of [C].

Jennifer talks with Kimimaro and it seems it’s the country’s future the financial district took. She then mentions about that information broker having met Msyu before and thinks Kimimaro should ask him about it. So he does and asks to see a picture of his father’s asset. To Kimimaro’s surprise, his father’s asset looks exactly like Msyu, apart from the hair colour being black and a different name. She was called Mua and was also very strong.

Kimimaro and Jennifer talk again. Because Kimimaro and his father’s asset resemble, perhaps they both had the same ideals. It does prove that his father loved him, after all, he is still here. He then wonders what he could protect. Afterwards Jennifer asks her asset to remember his scent.

Back in the real world Kimimaro tries to contact Hanabi but gets no response, so he visits her house. Apparently she’s been in bed with a cold. Kimimaro asks about if there’s anything else wrong but she doesn’t give a proper answer.

In the Japanese financial district the cash continues to rise and a delighted Masakaki dances in front of the counter.

Whilst taking out the trash at work, Kimimaro notices a huge change everywhere as children and mothers are replaced with the homeless, his colleague disappears, buildings vanish and classes become empty.

Kimimaro realises this is worse than [C] so he goes back to Jennifer and says that he’ll do anything to help. This is exactly what Jennifer wanted as she’s been preparing some illegal methods. They might not save those that are already gone, but they can save those without anywhere to go.

Kimimaro tells Msyu about this but she doesn’t want things to change. She’s happy with how things are. Kimimaro also says that maybe even in the future she’ll end up as his daughter. Still, she likes things as they are. In the end she wants a kiss, but he just kisses her on the forehead and states that he thinks her of an important person, not someone he loves.


Awwww he doesn’t love her, well, I prefer it this way. I wasn’t really fond of the personification of the asset, considering some of them can be huge golems and others can be big animal like creatures. So just because some of them look human you can ‘love’ them? Didn’t make sense to me. Though seeing as Msyu is his future, she could very well be her future daughter as he said, or maybe even wife. So if you’re looking at it this way, then perhaps it’s not so ‘wrong’ to love her. Still, the future’s uncertain, so it may not happen. On the subject of assets, Kimimaro’s dad also had a similar asset, I assume they’re related, so maybe Kimimaro’s dad’s future was his granddaughter? If so then what Kimimaro says would be right, but again, nothing’s certain. And this anime may not do an epilogue so we may never know…

A new overdramatic action appears, buying stocks! I think Mikuni couldn’t be any more overdramatic when he ordered to buy the stocks, unless maybe if he unsheathed a sword and did a battle cry… I have to say, it was much needed, can’t have card drawing and eating crisps being the most overdramatic actions. Shame I can’t do that when I buy stocks… Maybe I should eat crisps overdramatically whilst buying stock…

Anyway, this anime’s getting darker with all the countries vanishing and how futures are cashed off. Not as dark as it can be, but it’s certainly more than expect. I was hoping for some more fantasy battling, as we’ve only seen a few deals. Though I do remember saying how I wanted this to be less battle orientated, still, one or two non important deals would’ve been fun. No chance for that now, from what I can see it’s nearing the end.

I do believe there is one more huge deal between Mikuni and Kimimaro to see. But first we’ll have to see what these illegal methods are. Will they be enough? I don’t think so.