America has successfully bounced back the effects of [C] to Japan. Mikuni is forced to use the rotary press one more time using up more futures. There is no way to stop him apart from beating him, so Jennifer proceeds to challenge him whilst Kimimaro holds off his subordinates. Can Jennifer beat him? It’s a long shot that’s for sure. And will Kimimaro win as well? Or will they both fail here and now?


With [C] due to reach America their markets start to move to stop the dollar devaluing. Because of that other currencies start to crash. The Americans plan to destroy every other currency to stop the effects of [C] hitting them. And the person leading the ‘attack’ is from the financial district. The Masakaki from the American financial district is greeted by the one from the Far Eastern financial district. The American says that there are many good entrepreneurs in America and then bounce the effects of [C] back to Japan.

Needing more funds to stop [C] again because of the crashing currencies, Mikuni heads to the rotary press. But this time, Masakaki wants something else as collateral.

Jennifer informs Kimimaro about this and he asks if there’s a way to stop Mikuni. Apparently the only people who can move the rotary press are those holding a darkness card. The only person in here is Mikuni.

There is one way to stop him. Every time he uses the rotary press there’s a few hours delay before the future is lost. In that delay if they beat Mikuni in a deal and bankrupt him then they can take the Darkness card and reverse the rotary press’s effect.

But beating him won’t be easy. He has a lot of cash, but that’s a weakness too. If they can force his money to be worthless then they’ll stand a chance. They need to crash the Yen and Mikuni’s money will then be worthless.

Turmoil breaks out within Mikuni’s guild as the traitor Isurugi, transfers a huge amount of money out from the guild to the information broker. He then transfers the money into everyone Japanese citizen’s bank. Meanwhile Jennifer and Kimimaro have chosen their opponents for their next deal and head to the financial district.

The information broker continues to distribute Yen around the country and send everyone messages that the Yen is dead.

At the financial district two new deals start. Jennifer vs Mikuni and Kutsui, one of Mikuni’s top followers, will face Kimimaro.

Because the rotary press is spinning there are side effects to everyone’s asset. Seeing how poorly Msyu is, Kimimaro decides to fight himself. At first he is badly injured by Kutsui’s asset, but then Kutsui’s asset is hurt by the side effects leaving an opening for Kimimaro to strike. Kutsui is struck down but because of the damage Kimimaro took he isn’t doing too well either.

After a touching moment with Msyu, Kimimaro finally decides to call her out. With Kutsui giving it everything he has, Msyu has no choice but to use Macro. Kimimaro puts everything he has into one huge fiery Macro attack. Within seconds Kutsui is incinerated and bankrupt.

At Jennifer’s deal she tries to quickly end the deal with two successive Macro attacks. But her asset wasn’t able to hold out and seeing Mikuni in danger, Q came out of her own accord and stops Jennifer’s attack dead. Mikuni takes this opening and charges up a huge direct attack to end it.

In the real world, the information broker has successfully caused the Yen to crash and he wonders whether it’ll be Japan or the financial district that disappears first.

After finishing his deal Kimimaro proceeds to watch Jennifer’s deal and is shocked to see her lying on the ground, split in half. She apologises for dragging him into this and as a last request she passes her asset to him to look after. With that done, her card breaks and she is bankrupt.

Kimimaro now confronts Mikuni about how his methods aren’t right. But without any power he can’t stop him. However, Masakaki appears and suddenly ‘reminds’ Kimimaro of the colour of his card. It’s dark! And so, the battle to determine the person who can control the rotary press shall now commence!


Now that was interesting and gives rise to a few questions from me. Firstly why did Mikuni hold the darkness card in the first place? Giving someone access to a press to print money is very dangerous for reasons I’m sure I don’t need to explain, it’s almost like putting that country in someone’s hands. And secondly how did Kimimaro come to hold the darkness card too? I guess the former can be explained by Masakaki saw Mikuni was the most worthy candidate to control the financial district’s finances and the country’s future. Why Kimimaro got the darkness card is less explainable. For one thing he’s just a university student with barely any life experience, what does he know apart from foolish ideals that doesn’t work in real life? My guess is that because of Kimimaro’s actions of lowering the value of the Yen, it’s hurting the financial district and Masakaki wants that to stop so he wants Kimimaro to get what he wants so he’ll stop. Other reasons I can think of are maybe Masakaki wants to see a fun deal or that all the future’s used up and Mikuni has no more to offer. I hope they offer an explanation because I’m intrigued.

Something random I want to mention. How do they have TVs in the financial district? Seems odd to have a flow of electricity in some other world and a good transmission from the real world. Wonder if the electricity is carbon free…

Anyway it had to be Mikuni vs Kimimaro in the end like I thought. And I did also predict there to be other important deals too. I found it funny how much Msyu and Georges’ Macro differ. Maybe if Kimimaro used his macro against Mikuni he might’ve won cos that looked ridiculously powerful. It’s unlikely that Msyu would be able to pull off a second one anytime soon and Q hasn’t fought. So I dunno, I’m not sure how much of a chance Kimimaro has. I expect him to win obviously, but I wouldn’t mind a nice surprise.

I dislike Kutsui and glad he was incinerated. Anyone who’d kick their future needs to be owned.

I wonder where the other of follower of Mikuni’s is. Kutsui’s ‘dead’, Isurugi’s rebelled, where’s the last one? I have a hunch and I think Isurugi is fighting him.

Well, it’s nearing the end now, and I always want a happy ending. But for this, what is a happy ending? Is it for [C] to hit? Is it for [C] to be avoided but the future to be ruined? Is it for them to destroy the financial district? I dunno… everything seems to have bad side-effects. What I would want is for Kimimaro to win, the rotary press stopped, [C] to hit but not take much and because he holds Jennifer’s future for her to come back somehow. I also want a prologue, maybe something like he has a wife or daughter who looks like Msyu? That’d be nice, but maybe a lot to ask… Oh well.