The final battle to determine the controller of the rotary press between Kimimaro and Mikuni begins. Who will win and take Japan into a new future, and more importantly, what is that future?


With the rapid depreciation of the Yen, people across the country are changing Yen to dollars.

At the IMF they deduce that this devaluation of the Yen is not related to [C] but rather some sort of conspiracy.

Back at the financial district Mikuni always knew that he and Kimimaro would have to do battle sooner or later. With only 1 hour before the rotary press’s payment is completed the deal gets underway.

Mikuni has a clear advantage in terms of number of assets and the amount of cash he holds and a few strikes from him forces Kimimaro to switch from Msyu to Georges.

In the real world the Japanese bank has decided to stop all Yen exchanges.

The battle rages on as Mikuni brings out Q with a Macroflation to counter Georges, forcing Kimimaro to switch back to Msyu. The information broker arrives on the scene frantically snapping a few photos.

Mikuni had hoped that the two of them could’ve stood on the same side, but it wasn’t meant to be. He calls Q again and orders another Macroflation, Economic Bloackade, which stops Msyu and Kimimaro from moving. Mikuni says that if Kimimaro had a sister in his circumstances then he’d understand. But Kimimaro accuses Mikuni that he’s done all this for himself and not his sister. Mikuni charges a direct and slashes down. But it dissipates before it could hit as the value of yen crashes completely.

Msyu charges at Q with a Mezzoflation and Kimimaro and Mikuni start a direct duel. Mikuni says that what he meant by saving the present is that that’s what people value the most, the people and things right before their eyes, not a future that they can’t predict.

But the present that Kimimaro had valued changed right before his eyes, and he asks what’s the point of saving the people now if they have no future?

A huge aerial battle takes place as Msyu and Q fight for their entres. Msyu believes she and Kimimaro fight for each other which puts her at ease and challenges Q whether Mikuni is fighting for her.

In the real world again a lot of the Yen notes start to show their true colours and change to their original appearance as Midas money.

Back at the deal, Q’s face and hair suddenly changes to that of Mikuni’s sister with tears crawling out of her eyes. Mikuni is taken aback and stalls for a moment. Kimimaro lunges and lands a stab in Mikuni’s chest but then both their directs disappear and the financial district declares ‘Market Closed’. Kimimaro doesn’t stop his swing and continues to land a punch in Mikuni’s face just as [C] hits japan.

Mikuni dreams that he’s by his sister again, talking as normal but then she disappears.

Elsewhere in the country Jennifer cries a tear and laughs.

At the IMF they realise that [C] passed through Japan having no affect at all.

Masakaki explains that because the Yen has lost all its value [C] passes through with no effect and the financial district itself will soon disappear. Mikuni declares that it’s his loss and Kimimaro orders the rotary press to reverse itself. He tells him not to regret it.

As the effects reverse causing a huge light show in the financial district, Mikuni bids a farewell to Q, or rather, Takako. And of course, we get a goodbye kiss from Msyu.

A huge transformation envelops Japan. During Kimimaro’s last seconds in the light show he meets, who I assume to be, the controller of the financial districts and he says that there’s no right or right as everything is placed to make a better humanity.

Kimimaro then wakes up on a park bench watching children running around freely and their parents with smiling faces. He walks around a bustling street and notice that everything is priced in dollars.

He sees someone that resembles Hanabi, but holds back calling out to her. And Masakaki suddenly appears out of nowhere, as he usually does. It seems that this is the future that Kimimaro returned, and with every future there is always a financial district. So Masakaki tells him that he can knock on his door at any time.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture of him, Msyu, Q, Mikuni and another of Mikuni’s assets. He sighs as he thinks he should’ve smiled back then.


Well there you have it, the end of a great series. I guess this would be classed as a happy ending. Kimimaro saved the country, gave back its future, averted [C], finally got through to Mikuni and received a kiss from Msyu. Yeah I guess I’ll class this as a happy ending. One part I wasn’t sure about was that whether when Jennifer laughed it was because she realised she’s back to normal and not dead, or she laughed because she went crazy. Although she was back sucking on lollipops later so I’ll assume the former. Georges was safe so I guess it’s only natural that Jennifer is also saved I guess.

Anyone else laugh when that weird English song started playing during Msyu and Kimimaro’s happy moment? It sounded really out of date as well, I didn’t see the significance of it being English, what was wrong with playing a nice Japanese ballad or something?

This being a happy ending, ended well, but this being an ending that tied up all the loose ends, didn’t end well… There are so many questions remaining and a lot needs confirming. Where shall I being? Hmmm how about what happened to Takako then? I think she didn’t make it hence Mikuni said that he and Q/Takako would never meet again, which is a shame, was hoping she would wake up to snap Mikuni out of it, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

What happened with everyone else is also up in the air. I assume Kimimaro was sent to the future? Though how does that work? Will no one know him or something? How does his life continue from there, I guess he could always go back to the financial district for money if he needs it. I would’ve liked to know what happened with Mikuni, Sennoza, that information broker, Ebara and Hinata. It never got round to any of them at all. I mean a short 1 minute clip of where everyone is would’ve done nicely like they did in Clannad. That would’ve been a nice epilogue ending.

Also what was with the guy who greeted Kimimaro at the end when he was in ‘bed’, I think the anime tried to play him as God, but I wonder what his significance is. I mean I thought the guy who controlled the financial district was some huge tentacle monster, but a humanoid thing playing God. Well I don’t think we’ll hear more from him so I don’t know why they bothered to bring him in.

Anyway, the future is the dollar eh? Well I guess that could happen if the Yen was ever to crash. But in all likelihood the Chinese Yuan will be the main currency. The Euro’s crashing because of Greece, the dollar’s not doing so well because of the economic crash that it’s still recovering from, the Yen isn’t doing well either because of the natural disasters earlier this year, only China still seem to be doing relatively well.

I think a lot of people will agree with me that eleven episodes weren’t enough. This series had so many potential, I was at least hoping for 13 or 14 episodes. They could’ve easily included a few more episodes of unimportant deals to flesh out the unique fighting system more. I mean one thing I remember that wasn’t completely explained was buying up an asset’s stocks. Mikuni had Msyu’s stocks, I thought that might come into this final deal.

But anyway it was a very nice series in a rather boring season so it gave me something to look forward to every week. The ending deal was good although somehow I thought the animation wasn’t as good as though it was rushed, but still the flation attacks were done well, the money sword battle could’ve done with better choreography, but I guess with two normal people you can’t really do much apart from them slashing at each other randomly. Twas a good deal overall and one which was fit to be the final one of the series.

I would definitely recommend this series to my friends, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see maybe an OVA telling us what the future holds for everyone. That would complete the series. I don’t really see much of an opportunity for a second season unless some guy tries to do the world harm by ‘killing’ everyone in the financial district. Apart from that I see no need for a second season so I won’t be expecting one.