Episode 4: Butei Killer

Kinji finally realises they sold out of SNSD tickets

The episode opens on 24th December at night, a cruise ship the Amberyl is on fire and eventually sinks. The reports detail that there was a Butei agent on-board and that an explosion occurred near him. News blames the Butei for not preventing the sinking and reporters swamp Kinji, blaming his brother for the incident. However, it was a dream and Kinji wakes up. Later, Kinji walks around the streets and narrates that his brother saved everyone on-board that day and was the only one that died during the incident. He also adds that Butei are criticized heavily even though they lose their lives. Kinji then receives a text message from Shirayuki asking how his Sunday is and that she heard that the Butei Killer appeared two days ago.

Not very Stealthly

Just then he hears a voice, it is Aria who is all dressed up and he wonders what she is doing, so he decides to follow her. He tails her all the way to the police station, but as he tries to hide. Aria had already spotted him; even letting him know that she knew he was following her and was debating whether to tell him. She then tells him to follow her. In the police station, Aria and Kinji are in a booth, as a prisoner is led out. Aria cries out mama, shocking Kinji. Aria’s mum asks if Kinji is Aria’s boyfriend, which annoys Aria and angrily states that he is a fellow student and a victim of the Butei Killer. Aria’s mum; Kanae Kanzaki introduces herself to Kinji and hopes that Aria hasn’t been too much of a bother. Aria tells her mum that the Butei Killer has struck again and that she aims to reduce Kanae sentence and follow with more evidence before her trial at the Supreme Court. Kanae asks Aria if she has found a partner, but Aria hasn’t. Kanae tells her to find a partner to bring out her strength and follow in her ancestor’s footsteps. Suddenly, Kanae is taken away and screams to Aria to find a partner as Aria cries as her mother is led away. Outside, Aria is walking along the street as Kinji follows her; she then stops and then bursts out crying.

The cake was a lie

The next day, Aria is absent from school. Kinji does some research and finds out about crimes against the Butei and that the suspect was Kanae. Kinji is greeted by Shiranui who tells him that in assault, there is a rumour that Aria is returning to London on plane tonight. Kinji receives a text message. Later, it is revealed that the message was from Riko to meet her at a Karaoke booth. She tells offers to tell him information about the Butei Killer, but only if he obeys her. She tells him about an event possibility which is an accident fabricated by the Butei Killer to look like one. She reveals that Kinji’s brother was a victim of such an event, showing Kinji a police report. Riko starts rousing Kinji, which activates his Hysteria mode and he heads off to Aria believing that she is in danger.

The moment that Aria realised she'd lost control of her Sphincter ani externus muscle

Kinji runs to the airport and manages to board the flight. He tells the stewardess to stop the flight and she heads to the cockpit. She returns as the plane is moving and tells Kinji that the pilot cannot stop the plane due to regulations, forcing Kinji to rethink his plans. Aria is in her cabin and hears a commotion outside. She opens the door to find Kinji. He enters her room, with Aria angry that he has barged into her cabin. He tells her to fasten their seat belts as the plane takes off. Kinji tells Aria that according to Butei rules, he must fulfil his client’s wishes, which is to complete the first mission with Aria and yet that mission has not been resolved. Aria shouts at Kinji that she was fine working on her own. Lightning strikes occur outside, which scares Aria. Kinji suggest that if she is scared, she should hide in her bed as long as she doesn’t wet it, which really annoys Aria. The announcement from the captain makes things worse as tells that the storm would continue for a while, which makes Kinji ask Aria if she has a spare change of underwear. As Aria is crying in fear, Kinji take her hand. Suddenly, gunshots are heard, followed by an announcement from the pilot telling passengers that the plane is being hijacked. This makes Aria and Kinji conclude that the Butei Killer is onboard.

Aria sorts out the £10 charge for half-pint!!!

The announcement continues that passengers are to stay in their cabins, except Butei; who if want to face the hijacker, come to the bar on the first floor. Aria draws her guns and reluctantly asks Kinji to come; due to the thunderstorm. On the way, Kinji tells Aria that he has figured out that the Butei Killer is targeting Aria; therefore placing his crimes on Kanae. Aria and Kinji storm the bar and find the Stewardess. Stewardess reveals herself to be Riko and calls Aria, Holmes making her shake. Riko tells them her name is Riko Mine Lupin the 4th; a descendant of the thief Arsene Lupin. She reveals that she caused the incidents involving Kinji’s bike and the bomb on the bus, but her real target was Aria. She tells them that she planted the bomb on Kinji’s bike and the bomb on the bus; adding that she altered Kinji’s clocks without him noticing. She aim was to get Aria and Kinji together as Holmes the 1st had a skilled partner. Riko also tells Kinji that she was responsible for the incident involving Kinji’s brother.

The girls sorted out who was paying the bar tab

Suddenly, the plane is rocked with turbulence and Kinji loses his gun. Riko points a gun at Kinji and Aria defends him by shooting at Riko. As Riko and Aria shoot at each other, Kinji notes that Butei wear bulletproof vests, only point blank shots are only effective, making Riko and Aria evenly matched in a shootout battle, therefore bullet capacity is important in the battle. This means that Aria is at a disadvantage (Ok, here is my superior knowledge of guns), Aria uses a pair of Colt Government Models; a civilian version of the M1911, which uses .45 ACP rounds and holds 7 rounds. However, Riko uses two Walther P99s (My favourite gun by the way), depends on the ammo using either 9mm or .40SW, but they hold more bullets; 9mm 16 rounds or .40SW 12 rounds. As Aria guns are empty, she rushes Riko avoiding her guns and calls on Kinji who flicks out his butterfly knife and holds it to Riko’s throat. Riko tells Aria that she shares the same name as Aria; Quadra, but Aria is not a Quadra as Riko takes out a knife using her ponytail and cuts Aria. Distracted, Riko points her gun at Aria, point blank and shoots her. Riko laughs as Aria falls to the ground.

Ok, so I have been neglecting my blogs. I am sorry but a few things have been distracting me. Anyway, this was an ok episode as we get to find out a bit more about Aria and Kinji’s past. Also we find out about Aria’s fears and how Kinji jokes in those situations. Not much to say on this, but it seems that the Butei are not really respected by the public, even though they aim to save lives, pathetic really they are just people who are three fries short of a happy meal; just be grateful for the sacrifices being made by these Butei. Still haven’t warmed up to the OP or ED themes yet, give me time though. I try and get this and others complete before the next season starts, but looking at the next season, it looks like I would be catching up on old blogs before the fall season starts.