Will Aichi’s dragon be able to save the fight? If not, can Misaki win her fight and continue on the first match?


Dr. O says that if Ryudou can pull off the true power of a Tachikaze, no one can defend against it. Ryudou loads up his field apart from the vanguard’s rear guard and attacks. His first attack is guarded, but his vanguard attack goes through, meaning he has to discard one of his rear guard, but he chooses to discard one that has a skill that if he discards another card from his hand he can recall the monster discarded from the field meaning he can attack again. But that’s not all, because one of his cards was discarded, another of his cards has the ability to gain 1k power. And now with the new replaced monster he attacks again dealing another damage getting Aichi to 5. Aichi guards the last. 5-3.

As Kamui watches from the shadows he knows that Aichi must win this round as he won’t be able to survive another round.

Not giving up, Aichi rides Soulsaver Dragon and summons another monster to fill his field. With what he believes to be his strongest lineup, Aichi attacks. But straight away his first attack is guarded, however he draws a critical trigger with Soulsaver Dragon’s attack and deals two damage! Only one more to go, but Ryudou works out that Aichi’s last monster, with rear guard boost only has 17k power whilst he has 20k so he can defend. That’s not how it’s going to go though as Aichi activates that monster’s skill which is to discard a card from his hand for it to gain 4k power. And with that he deals the final damage.

But it’s not over yet! Ryudou draws a heal trigger! Aichi only has 2 cards he can guard with, and as Kai rightly says, defeat is inevitable, he can only declare no guard and hope a trigger comes for him as well. 5-5.

Ryudou readies his attack and Aichi declares no guard. His hand slips as he nervously picks up his damage trigger, but it wasn’t meant to be and Team Q4 takes their first lose in the national tournament.

But if Misaki and Kai both win they still win. So we quickly move on to the second match as Misaki takes the stage for the first time.

Team Foo Fighter arrives to watch just as Misaki deals the final damage to her opponent. But wait, he also draws a heal trigger! And just like Aichi, Misaki also loses. Team Jurassic Army salutes Team Q4 deeming them formidable opponents.


Well, that was a round of surprises. Of course that shoots down my prediction of Aichi winning, and they really had me going there. I kinda half saw the heal trigger coming, cos the smoke was taking a while to clear, but then I thought it may not be, though there was half the episode to go, so again I thought maybe… If only Aichi had done a Kai and drew 2 crit triggers, oh well, he’s not that lucky, and speaking of luck, Team Jurassic Army had too much, I don’t think we’ll see a team getting 2 heal triggers at the last minute ever again.

So annoying that the fake dragon team won and even when the real dragon came on it wasn’t enough. Although I have to admit that Tachikaze have some nice combos. Also I just realised that Soulsaver is actually female? Always thought it was male, but with that chest it’s gotta be female… though who knows…

I did predict right that Misaki’s fight would be skipped though, I just didn’t expect to see a second lose, with victory snatched away at the last second, again. Not complaining, going against the expected is what makes something interesting, and I found this episode rather enjoyable, purely cos I was wrong on this many occasions.

Glad to see that Aichi took the loss like a man. And they’ll more than likely get through these preliminaries anyway. It’s only first blood, one loss doesn’t mean defeat. Though they’ll more than likely lose against Foo Fighter, however I think they’ll probably end up drawing with the other team in the block in terms of wins and losses and then get through cos they did better overall, something like that. Kai takes the stage next episode, so I’m assuming an ‘easy’ win.

Another thing, I think I saw a monster in the preview that looked very similar to Claydol from Pokemon or Digimon’s Shakkoumon, that sorta thing…

Lastly, I’m working this week, so blogs may be a little slower than usual.