Because I have a huge backlog of anime and blogs to do due to me working this week, I’m gonna keep this short, or shorter than usual.

Now continuing on from my Pokemon theme a few weeks ago, this is another English song. Of course if you just know Oasis and don’t know anime then you’ll wonder why it’s here, but that’s unlikely as you won’t be visiting my blog. So many of you will know that this song is the opening of Eden of the East, at least the English opening as there was a Japanese one and if you didn’t, you do now. Eden of the East was a very good serious strategy anime, although at times it got a bit silly, the overall plot was very well planned and thought out. I think you all remember me comparing C with Eden of the East and if you liked C then I would highly recommend Eden of the East.

I think the song is very catchy, the slow repeating beat fit very nicely with the opening sequence of the anime and at the time I thought the many lines of English that appeared in the opening animation sequence was a nice match for the English lyrics of the song and I thought the lyrics were also a nice match for the general plotline.

Well that was my short, haha, back to the other blogs and a huge backlog of anime.

18. Teen Titans Theme by Puffy AmiYumi
17. Wasurenaide by Suara
16. Pokémon Theme by Jason Paige
15. Uragiri no Yuuyake by THEATRE BROOK
14. Chiisana Tenohira by Riya
13. Mitsu no Yoake by Arai Akino
12. Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden
11. Long Kiss Good Bye by HALCALI
10. Ana by Lia
9. Sky by Fripside
8. Ao-Iconoclast by KOTOKO
7. Help!! -Heaven- & -Hell- Sides by Ayana Taketatsu & Saori Hayami
6. Be As One by W-inds
5. 99% by BOWL
4. Summer Song by YUI
3. Smile -You & Me- by Elisa
1. Zankoku na Tenshi no THESE by Yoko Takahashi