As a plot slowly develops more and more monsters appear and more and more people are ripped apart.


After the fight from the night before, Saya is worried because that monster spoke to her and said to honour the covenant and she has no idea what it was talking about or even if it’s addressing her.

At school, Saya’s friends discuss the disappearance of the baker whilst that light Saya’s been trying to pin down whizzes past her in the shape of a katana.

The dog from the last few episodes appear at the school and Saya chases it up a tree, but trips, luckily Tokizane rushes in and ‘catches’ her. They then have lunch together, a lunch made by Fumito and Tokizane seems rather sad when Saya says she likes Fumito.

Later Saya visits Fumito and is given coffee and guimauve. As she bites into the guimauve that katana light appears again and a sudden image of spurting blood follows.

After that, another monologue by the same mysterious guy. He talks about emotions and says that hatred is the hardest to get rid of, and when you can’t get rid of it, you’ll overwrite it with an equally powerful emotion, like love and trust (If I heard correctly).

At night Saya rushes out to kill more monsters and watches some guy being devoured by a fish bird monster. She goes in and attacks them telling two other guys to run, but being three against one, she is overpowered and another guy is eaten. As she chases the monsters, one sneak attacks her and she is thrown into the ground.

She’s unconscious for a few seconds or minutes and when she wakes up the monsters are still eating the humans. She jumps in to attack again and the main monster asks if she’s the one who kills them. When she doesn’t answer, the main monster sends the two weaker ones to attack. Outnumbered again Saya is on the losing end, until the monster stops and tells her to honour the covenant. Then it warns her that they eat what they want and if she’s to stand in their way, they’ll eat her too.

Finally, her eyes change to red and the tide of battle changes as she skilfully kills the monsters. But unfortunately, she saved no one.


Well firstly, the plot’s finally started to move a little, albeit still rather slow, but it’s an improvement. Nice to see some more nightmare fuel too, always good in an anime like this, especially when the franchise is called Blood, so you expect to see some, or a lot in my case.

Something I’m still really irked at is Saya’s hair style. Every time the ‘camera’ looks at the back of her I always think she’s got 2 Sawako heads stuck on her head. It’s actually a fun thought, which makes her less serious to me, especially when fighting. I just don’t like it.

Another potential love interest has arisen with this episode as the ever quiet Tokizane suddenly stole a huge chunk of this episode. I’m actually rather surprised he’s such a talker, they made him seem like a man of few words, but he’s actually rather sociable, or at least with Saya. Well whatever, he may join in Saya’s group of friends later. One thing I wondered was why no one else went after Saya when she ran off to chase the dog, you’d think someone would go after her especially when she leapt up a tree so easily. And speaking of that dog, I’m assuming he is going to be something important in the story then. They’ve spent too much episode time on him and made us pay attention to him, so he must be. I wonder if he’s friend or foe.

Onto the fight, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be better if those fisherman or whatever they were died? They won’t see her killing the monsters and risk finding about this unknown world. Though I assume she’s got some sort of thing to make them forget? But what doesn’t make sense is that she tried to save the fisherman here whilst she easily allowed the baker guy to die and she actually knew the baker. Wonder why, only thing I can think of is that she needed to see if that deserted train, as suspicious as it was already, was actually the monster. One more thing I didn’t get was why she didn’t use her ‘eye powers’ earlier. I can only assume that certain conditions are needed, otherwise she should and would’ve used it from the beginning.

Well I do like the progressive difficulty in monsters, kinda like a game and slowly approaching the boss. I do hope the plot will speed up a little next episode though. They’re treading a fine line at the moment. So whilst I’m starting to warm to the slow developing storyline, it better keep it up.