Episode 10: Thin Red Line

Present; Chopsticks!!!

Everyone is eating their evening meal, Ichika has a slice of Sashimi with a bit of wasabi; he comments that it is delicious adding that the wasabi is fresh. Charlotte hears this and queries the wasabi, looking at her food she picks up the entire portion of wasabi and eats it shocking Ichika. Charlotte muffle screams as tears stream from her eyes. In pain, she comments that the wasabi is flavourful and delicious. Ichika hands her a cup to drink. Meanwhile on the other side of Ichika, Cecilia is struggling to sit in the Japanese style; kneeling at the table. Ichika offers to feed her, but as he does the rest of the class start complaining. An annoyed Houki watches and comments that Ichika has forgotten about the 7th July. Suddenly, Chifuyu bursts into the room and shouts at the class to keep it down and asks Ichika not to stir up trouble and then leaves. Ichika apologises to Cecilia and hands back her chopsticks. However, Cecilia is annoyed, so Ichika whispers to her to come to his room later. Cecilia becomes excited at the invite as she has a hunch of what it could be.

School Inspections were getting stricter

Later, the three girls Eriko, Yuko and Nohohon-san are disappointed that they can’t play with Ichika. Nohohon-san then spots Cecilia is wearing naughty underwear prompting the other girls to strip her. They reveal that she is and comment that she is a perv, but she argues back that it is for the sake of appearance. Later, she goes out to meet Ichika in his room. However, she spots the other girls Houki, Charlotte, Laura and Rin listening in on Ichika’s room. They hear Ichika and Chifuyu talking and some moaning from Chifuyu (Cue lewd music). They listen more pushing up against the door until it falls down under the pressure, the girls look up to find Ichika giving Chifuyu a massage. The girls are relieved that it was just a massage, but Ichika wonders what they think. Laura is about to answer but is stopped by the others. Chifuyu comments that Ichika is good at massages and offers the girls to take turns as well. Ichika picks Cecilia and begins, but halfway through Chifuyu grabs her bottom and lifts her robe to find her naughty underwear, commenting it is black; she then adds that Cecilia isn’t hoping to do something in the presence of her teacher. Chifuyu then gets Ichika to get some drink he obeys and leaves. After Chifuyu talks to the girls about Ichika, she comments on his usefulness adding that he is a plus to anyone who dates him. She then offers him to them, but it was a ruse adding that they should work for him.

Iam not peeling that!!!

The next morning, Ichika finds Houki looking at something in the ground with a sign “Pull Me” Houki gets up and leaves as Cecilia arrives. Ichika goes ahead and pull out the devices, suddenly out from the sky a huge metal…err carrot lands in front of them. It opens up to reveal Tabane. She greets Ichika and asks where Houki is. Before he can reply, Tabane gets out device and tells him she would find her with her Houki-radar and then leaves. Cecilia asks Ichika who it was; Ichika tells her that was Shinonono Tabane; Houki’s older sister, which shocks her. Later, Ichika, Charlotte, Laura, Rin, Cecilia and Houki are with Chifuyu, who comments that she has gathered all students with a Personal IS. Rin adds that Houki hasn’t got an IS. Chifuyu is about to explain when they here Tabane approaching. Tabane slides down the cliff and leaps towards Chifuyu and tries to hug her, but is stop by Chifuyu’s hand. She then greets Houki and comments how she has gotten bigger (particularly the chest area). Houki hits her and then tells she was going to strike her. Tabane then introduces herself to the group and then motions them to look up to the sky.

Huge Diamond; wait until you see the ring...

From above, a huge diamond falls in front of them, it then disappears to reveal Houki’s IS; Akatsubaki a fourth Generation IS. Tabane calibrates it for Houki and makes Houki take it for a test flight. Houki tests out Akatsubaki’s weapons even taking down a barrage of missiles as well. Suddenly, Maya come running over shouting that they have an emergency. Chifuyu orders the test run stopped and asks the group to come with her. Maya then asks who the mysterious person is; Chifuyu tells her it is Tabane; this shocks her too. Chifuyu tells the group that an unmanned IS; Silver Gospel developed by Israel and America has gone rogue and would pass 2km near them. Since it is travelling at supersonic speeds they have only chance of interception. They suggest on sending they best offensive IS they have; Byakushiki – Ichika’s, but they need to get him into position quickly without him losing energy getting there. He asks if he is going, to which the girls tell him yes. Chifuyu adds that this isn’t training and won’t force him to go. He agrees to go; Chifuyu is about to select the fastest IS, when Tabane tells her to hold it. Tabane; who had been hiding in the ventilation shaft tells her to send Akatsubaki.

Did you here that hollow sound?

Later, Houki activates Akatsubaki. Tabane tells her to activate the expandable armour; a feature on the 4th Generation IS models. Tabane then recollects the White Knight incident ten years ago. Ichika recounts that one month after the IS was revealed, computers around the world were hacked and 2,341 missiles were fired at Japan. However, a silver IS appeared; later known as the White Knight and destroyed all the missiles and then disappeared. Tabane goes on to comment on the bust size of the White Knight before being hit by Chifuyu. Cecilia suggests that she will go as her new strike gunner package has arrived. Chifuyu asks whether it has been tested; which it hasn’t. Chifuyu then announces that the mission will proceed with Houki and Ichika.

Another backlog episode; one of many. This episode introduces Houki’s genius sister Tabane. The first half of the episode was quite funny which makes it no.3 of 3 of the best episodes of the series. Charlotte should be careful of eating all that wasabi; she will have a stomach ache later. Akatsubaki is one of the coolest ISs, but I still like Blue Tears – Cecilia’s IS. It is also hinted in the episode that the White Knight IS pilot could be Chifuyu, but we can’t be sure about that. Not much I can say more about this episode, but I now have special blog coming soon, which if I can finish off what I am about to specially blog, I will write… did that make sense ( Once I watch it; I’ll blog it. It is 3hrs 40 mins long, if that’s a clue).