Episode 11: Get Ready

My hand is deformed

Ichika and Houki are on the beach and activate their ISs. Houki tells Ichika that she won’t allow a man to be on top, but gives him an exception. Ichika tells her that this isn’t practice and they should be careful. She tells him that it would be ok, but Ichika has some concerns. Chifuyu then contacts them and tells them that the mission should be a one hit strike and should be over immediately. Houki asks Chifuyu if she should support Ichika when possible; she agrees but not to push herself too much due to lack of experience. Chifuyu then opens a private channel to Ichika and tells him that Houki seems too cheery and that she might do something stupid. She suggests that he keeps an eye on her thorough the operation. They then begin the operation as Houki flies Ichika to intercept Silver Gospel.

Got to go; left the oven on

Ichika is amazed by Akatsubaki’s speed. Houki then sees Gospel and approaches. Ichika readies the Yukihira sword and tries to attack Gospel but it dodges, it then turns around goes on the offensive attacking both Houki and Ichika. Ichika suggests that they attack from both sides; they continue their attack until Houki tells Ichika that she would stop Gospel’s movement. Houki succeeds in stopping it and calls in Ichika. However, Ichika is about to attack he spots a ship below him and flies straight passed Houki, who then loses her hold on Gospel. Gospel attacks and Ichika fends off the attacks. Houki calls Ichika and angrily asks what he is doing as they had a chance. Ichika tells her about the ship; she assumes that the teachers had blockade the area, but they discover the ship is an illegal fishing boat. Houki tells him to leave them, but Ichika defends them. He then loses shield energy and power to Yukihira. He is about to get hit but is saved by Houki. Houki furiously tells him that they are criminals; Ichika shouts back. In a dream world, Ichika tells her that since she gained power, she lost sight of the weak; she had changed. Houki drops her sword, which falls and then disappears. Houki looks at her hands and then starts crying. Gospel attacks Houki, but is saved by Ichika, who flies passed Houki and blocks the attack. Houki then flies to catch Ichika, her ribbon in her hair burns away as Ichika passes out. They then both crash into the sea.

I'm not going to sit until I get my beach towel

In the operations room, Maya reports that Gospel has stopped moving. She also adds if they still proceeding with the operation; Chifuyu tells her that headquarters hadn’t told her to stop, so they will continue. There is a knock at the door; it is Charlotte. Chifuyu tells her that she can’t come in as she had ordered them to stand by. The IS girls show concern for both Chifuyu; who ordered treatment for Ichika but never visited him; he still remains unconscious. They reflect as a recount shows Ichika being put on a stretcher from the ocean. Laura suggests that they should focus on Gospel; she adds that they have shut themselves away in the operations room as they also feel the hurt. Meanwhile, Ichika is unconscious getting treatment. Houki is kneeling beside him with her head down. She thinks about what Ichika had said to her and also reflects on Chifuyu’s order; the mission was a failure and that they should remain on standby until the situation changes. She then thinks that Ichika believed that Houki, the illegal fish ship even thought they are criminals; they were both equally worth protecting. Maya enters the room and tells Houki to get some rest. Houki wants to stay with Ichika, but Maya tells she cannot as it is an order from Chifuyu. Houki understands and then leaves.

Extremely satisfying

Houki runs across the beach until she becomes out of breath and stops. She thinks back to the time when she and Ichika were in school. She was getting insulted; bullied by a group of boys. Ichika is there moping the floor and tells the group to go home. The lead bully starts taunting Ichika; commenting that they like a married couple and that Houki is more of a tomboy. Ichika responds by punching the bully, knocking him to the floor. Later, Houki calls him an idiot for doing that as he will be in trouble. He tells her that he punches those who deserve it. He tells Houki that she should wear the ribbon as she look good wearing it. Houki then tells him to call her by first name “Houki” instead of Shinonono due to there being two people with that name (her sister). He responds by tell her to call him “Ichika” for the very same reason; two Orimuras. Back on the beach, after a moment pause Rin appears. She blames Houki for Ichika’s current condition and asks her what she is going to do about it. Houki doesn’t respond prompting Rin to grab her by her collar.

First Blood

She asks why she won’t fight after a situation like this. Houki then tells Rin that she won’t pilot an IS anymore. Rin then responds to this by slapping her across the face, knocking her to the floor. Rin then tells her that personal IS owners shouldn’t be such cowards and should stand up and fight. Houki gets up and in a stern voice tells her that she has the willpower but she doesn’t know where the enemy is. Rin then smiles that finally Houki has got her determination back. Houki turns to see Laura, Cecilia and Charlotte standing there, with determination on their faces. The girls tell her that she isn’t the only one feeling down, but they must not let it end on a loss. Houki then smiles, Laura then reports the position of Gospel using her IS. She turns to the others who tell her that their ISs are ready after installing their new special packages. Later that night, Laura in Schwarzer Regen, fires a shot at Gospel. The operations room is alerted to this; Maya wants to call them back due them defying orders, but Chifuyu had a feeling that it was going to happen. The girls then prepare to battle Gospel.

This was thrilling and exciting ending on a climax, leaving people on tender hooks waiting for the final episode. This episode was delayed due to the horrific earthquake that devastated Japan; my thoughts and sympathies go out to the people of Japan, without them we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these fine animes and excellent pieces of hard work; keep strong. Houki seemed to be blind-sided and the thought of the power of Akatsubaki had distracted her from being in the right frame of mind. However, it was nice to see her hair down for a time due to the ribbon burning away. Also I didn’t realise that Ichika’s IS; Byakushiki is actually a generation 4th IS, one of only two; Akatsubaki being the other. I think that the girls will battle Gospel until all seems lost only to be saved by Ichika, who wakes up from his nap. Therefore, this is going to be good.

(I have already finished this series; just back blogging. There is only one more episode left to do.)