As I am scraping the barrel with songs to choose, I remembered this one from watching it on one of those T.V. music channels. A Pokémon song and it is not even used on any of the T.V. series, why not? I really like this song as it looks at Pokémon as something that is serious. Another thing, it doesn’t mention “Pokémon” in the lyrics, every, bloody 5 seconds, only thing close I heard was Pokéball. I get sick and tired of some of these OP themes that just throw in “Pokémon” within the song. I probably said this before and it is worth saying it again. This was released in the UK by a British band and it includes all of the first generation Pokémon voices, including Jigglypuff’s song in the latter half. Lucretia has put the first series theme song here as well, but this is off the grid really. Since Pokémon is English-dubbed in the USA not many US fans might not have heard this song. So here it is, the real voice of what Pokémon is:

Ok so I wasn’t able to write up any backlogs as I had a very busy weekend which was annoying, although I managed to get through an anime series (12 episode) whilst on a long train journey. However, I would definitely have the YuruYuri enjoyment ready and up to date this week… as soon as I watched it.

22. Kataomoi by Chara

21. OVERLAP by Kimeru
20. Amazing Grace by Michiru Ooshima
19. Falling Down by Oasis
18. Teen Titans Theme by Puffy AmiYumi
17. Wasurenaide by Suara
16. Pokémon Theme by Jason Paige
15. Uragiri no Yuuyake by THEATRE BROOK
14. Chiisana Tenohira by Riya
13. Mitsu no Yoake by Akino Arai
12. Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden
11. Long Kiss Good Bye by HALCALI
10. Ana by Lia
9. Sky by Fripside
8. Ao-Iconoclast by KOTOKO
7. Help!! -Heaven- & -Hell- Sides by Ayana Taketatsu & Saori Hayami
6. Be As One by W-inds
5. 99% by BOWL
4. Summer Song by YUI
3. Smile -You & Me- by Elisa
1. Zankoku na Tenshi no THESE by Yoko Takahashi