A week has passed and it’s time for the final match of the vanguard tournaments. Who will be the victor? And will Aichi snap out of his depression?


With a week gone by, Aichi’s still depressed over their loss. Morikawa and Izaki try to cheer him up and drag him to watch the final match. Shin brings in a huge flat screen TV for everyone to watch on. They switch on the TV but unluckily have missed the first two matches. This year’s vanguard champion team will be decided by a fight between Kenji from Team Caesar and Ren from Team AL4.

At a café somewhere, Kai watches the match alone.

After a short taunt by Ren, the match begins.

It’s mostly skipped but we hear the first few turns where Kenji takes a beating and is in trouble even though Aichi thinks that Ren isn’t playing seriously. But as Ren draws his next card, he says that seeing as it’s the last match he’ll allow Kenji to see a bit of what it’s like when he’s serious and rides grade 2 Blaster Dark. He overwhelms Kenji and a turn later declares Final Turn and destroys Kenji crowning his team the national champions 2nd time in a row.

Thinking back at how Kai actually beat them once, Kamui admits that he’s amazing.

Shin tries to lighten the mood by announcing a beach visit but Aichi apologises and runs out of the shop.

Miwa goes to the café where Kai is and manages to ‘bribe’ him into giving Aichi a morale boosting chat by paying for his coffee and lunch.

By a pond, Aichi thinks of how he disappointed the team and can’t be in Q4 anymore. At that time, Kai appears and being as blunt as he is he says that Aichi doesn’t have the skills to beat AL4… not yet… and Kai walks away. Just with that Aichi swears that he’ll definitely become strong.

So he asks Shin for training and he declares a summer training camp, at the beach!


Well, typical Kai character, supportive in the end, although he did get a little bribe, but obviously that wasn’t the main incentive. Quite fitting for the ‘Jerk with a Heart of Gold’ trope, reminds me of a friend of mine… But yeah, we all knew he was this type of person, seen it all before. Tis fine though, I like it, Aichi’ll have the motivation to improve now. Wonder what new trump cards they’re gonna release for Royal Paladin, cos that’s all they can do really, he’s mastered his cards quite well already, either he needs new cards or he needs a bit of luck, and training seems like going down the new cards route.

Onto other matters, if Kenji’s facing Ren, that would mean Team Caesar got through to the finals, which would also mean that their plan for Foo Fighter to face Foo Fighter failed? But I’m sure they didn’t expect to beat Caesar that easily with a second team seeing as they were former champions and runner ups.

Not much shown this episode, although we got a nice preview of Dark Spirits and Dimension Police. Apart from that it was a nice calm episode in which Aichi found his ‘mojo’ again after a week of depression.

So, hoping to see some new Royal Paladins during their training camp, although I hope they don’t make them too op, but if no new cards, then I do wonder what Aichi will do, perhaps mix two clans? That might be interesting too. What I definitely don’t want is a typical beach episode in which they do nothing but further relationships and play around, whilst I don’t mind a little, I do still want the episode to be mainly duelling focused.  They’ve had their relaxing episode here, so I don’t think there’s a need for another relaxing episode, at least not a complete relaxing episode.