Tokizane is here, what will Saya say?


Even with the dead monster and pool of blood, Tokizane doesn’t question Saya and is glad that she’s alright before leading her away from the scene.

He helps her clean off the blood at a nearby lake and starts asking the questions. She gives in eventually and after he promises not to tell anyone she tells him everything. Having seen the Elder Bairns for himself, he believes her and helps her get home.

When she arrives back, she finds her dad unconscious, but luckily he only felt a little dizzy. She then wonders what she’d do if he died and can’t think of anything.

The wish granting talking dog comes to visit Saya when she’s bathing and asks her what she thinks would happen if she breaks the promise to protect everyone and kill Elder Bairns. She then gets a horrible headache and suddenly remembers a lot from her past.

Monologue guy returns talking about an experiment with losers and winners and asks Saya what would she want if she wins and what would be taken from her that would cause a suffering worse than death if she lost.

The dog expected that she would remember everything, but not all yet and he ran for it when he heard her dad approach.

Three days later and still no action from the Elder Bairns. School’s reopening and of course, Saya goes.

As she arrives in class a girl points outside the window with a horrified look. To Saya’s surprise, the Elder Bairns have arrived. It sat comfortably on the school yard, but suddenly dashes for the class Saya’s in and jumps in killing several on the way.

It seals the only exit and kills one person who tries to jump out of the window. Finally Saya steps forward and unsheathes her sword vowing to protect everyone and charges!


Things spiced up again at the end after an intriguing opening, although a little lackadaisical middle. But I guess that’s not too bad. Was still very interesting overall.

Finally those monsters gonna attack school so Saya has to show off/reveal who she is in front of everyone, which of course would separate her friends into those who are scared of her and run or those who are her ‘true’ friends and stay with her. And speaking of those who’ll stay with her, it’s obvious Tokizane will, even though I didn’t notice him in the class, either that or I’m blind… but yeah speaking of him, I find it slightly hard to believe that he didn’t run or be in denial or anything and just accepted everything Saya told him. Sure he saw it, but still, could just been someone huge in a suit of armour or he could’ve been mistaken… argh I dunno… I still find it strange, although I am glad he didn’t scream like a girl and run… well either way it means that he actually does like her and don’t care what she is, or he knows something.

More of the back-story is released by that monologue guy, we’re getting there slowly. This time he reveals something about an experiment with winners and losers involving Saya.

I’m assuming they’re talking about Saya and the Elder Bairns when saying who wins and loses? Perhaps Saya’s another faction of Elder Bairns or some sort of super human and they wagered on her to win, i.e. be the last one standing in an all out war? Something like that perhaps?

It’s interesting that Yuka asks about Saya’s sword now just when those monsters finally decide to attack school. Good timing I guess, no more questions after this as everyone will die or at least know something. I do wonder who’ll die next, Tomofusa seems likely, he seems like the type that’ll scream and run like a girl, unlike Tokizane, so I think he’ll die. I don’t think Yuka will, she seems more mature and can handle it.

Also, I wonder why Saya waited until a few people were butchered up before acting. I thought she promised to protect the people, a reason I can think of is that she doesn’t want her friends to find out, even though it was impossible for them to escape so she must’ve known she needed to act sooner or later. Or maybe she was thinking she can’t act rashly or maybe more people will die, and wanted to wait to strike, but then thought crap enough people are dead, I really should do something. Though I still think she could’ve just rushed onto the yard to stop it. But hey, I’m not complaining, more gore for me, even if it’s censored…

Oh well, let’s see how everyone gets away then, or not … but I do want to see everyone’s reaction to her monster killing skills, that’ll be interesting.