To commemorate the 25th SOTW, and as I promised, here is an update to the SOTW page. Hope you all like it, I certainly do, makes it so that none of the future SOTWs need that huge tail of previous SOTWs and links behind it, and much easier for viewers to navigate through them.

But anyway, let’s get onto the song then.

This song is not English or Japanese, it’s in fact in Mandarin Chinese, as I speak Mandarin and heard this song first in Mandarin. It’s the first ending theme of PPGZ (Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z), Mayonaka no DOOR by Liu Yi Fei, or as we Chinese know it by Pao Fu Nu Hai. If you want the Japanese version just search for the Japanese name.

Those who’ve watched Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils(天龍八部) will know Liu Yi Fei played one of the protagonist’s love interest. And also she played Xiao Long Nu in the 2006 version of Return of the Condor Heroes(神鵰俠侶), if you don’t know these series, then have a look for Louis Cha(金庸). A very famous ‘Chinese Martial Arts and Chivalry’ novelist. I highly recommend his books, but if you can’t read Chinese then try the drama series of his books, you can usually find subbed ones somewhere… I’ve never looked… They’re all very entertaining and all you anime watchers are no stranger to subs. Oh and Liu Yi Fei also starred in The Forbidden Kingdom as The Golden Sparrow alongside Jackie Chan.

Anyway, the song itself is rather catchy and got an energetic beat to it. There are random bits of English but Liu Yi Fei studied in the US at one point so her English is good, unlike some of the other artists trying to pronounce. I’ve never seen the anime, so how did I know it was the ending theme of this anime you ask? Well that’s simple, Raven watches it and remembered I know Liu Yi Fei, that’s how the connection was made.

But anyway, the song’s a little typical to be perfectly honest, but I like it enough and think you may too. And I hope the new arrangement on the SOTW page will make you like our SOTWs more too.