The monster’s rampage continues and a massacre ensues.


Monologue guys returns and asks if Saya can keep the promise to the very end?

Back at school Saya attacks and tries to hold the monster off for everyone to escape, but several people are crunched before anyone decides to make a move. Saya rushes out to hold off the monster again as the few who’re left rush for the roof.

The people who are still left on the same floor are eaten as Saya’s headaches escalate. The monster pins Saya down and asks why she’s angry. She replies because it killed her friends. The monster laughs and but is then distracted by Tomofusa.

The monster turns, attacks him and then heads for the roof. Saya chases it but too late, everyone’s already dead. Seeing her dead friend on the ground anger surges through Saya and her eye powers activate.

A long standoff begins and the monster makes the first move. It jumps and tries to squash Saya but she dodges and completely destroys it without mercy.

Tomofusa comes out from behind a building after it’s dead and asks who she really is, but she doesn’t give an answer.

As he escorts her away, Tsutsutori appears and she asks if Saya killed them all. But suddenly Saya’s headache reaches a high point and she faints.

She wakes up back at the shrine and goes for a walk thinking about how she couldn’t protect all her friends. The wish granting dog sits next to her for a bit and allows her to cry whilst hugging him.

After she regains her usual self the dog tells her that the end is near. He asks again, who did she promise and who exactly is she? But then it leaves telling her to think about those questions.

Suddenly Tokizane appears. Saya then remembers that Tokizane didn’t come to school, although he says he did and then she remembers that only their class was present. Their conversation is cut short as Tadayoshi appears so Tokizane takes his leave.

As more thoughts fill Saya’s head she wonders if she really is Kisaragi Saya. She recites all the people in her life and suddenly realises that she doesn’t know her mum’s name.


Well well, that was a nice massacre. The only down side of all that crunching and stabbing and demolishing was that there wasn’t much story development. But hey, I’d take a massacre over plot development any day, as long as they get some in somewhere. Which unfortunately for me they didn’t, but I still enjoyed it.

They confirmed a few things, like Tsutsutori’s involved somehow, which we more or less knew and raised a question for me whether Tokizane is that dog or not. Every time the dog disappears, he appears, seems suspicious enough to me. The rest of the episode didn’t show anything new, was just her memories, that monologue guy, who she promised to protect etc etc.

Anyway, I’ve noticed there was very slightly less censoring. There was one scene where the girl got crunched and you saw her go into the mouth and blood spray, but I think that’s the most we’ll get, until the DVD and Blu-Ray release I hope. Imagine it all, uncensored in Blu-Ray, that’ll be brilliant.

I’m rather disappointed that it was Yuka who died and not Tomofusa, gotta say I don’t like him that much. You can tell he’s scared out of his mind and he doesn’t hide it well. And also, I would really like to know what it takes to activate Saya’s eye powers as the entire class was dead apart from one person before she thought yeah let’s kill this thing now. And when she did I thought they seriously went over the top with the blood when she was butchering up that monster. With all that blood I’m surprised the windows weren’t fully covered with them, just made it seem odd.

I find it odd but interesting that the only two from her class left are her two potential love interests.

Near the end when she’s repeating all that I must protect everyone and stuff it sounds as though it was programmed into her. She sounded like a brainwashed person, or a robot. Or a mix…

With that guimauve returning again this episode, I’m certain it’s got to play some sort of important role in this story. Cos I’ll be really pissed off if it doesn’t…