Huh, its my turn again? That was quick… Maybe it’s because I’ve lost a week playing Gears Of War 3. Yeah, that’s probably it…

Album Version

Anyway, this week’s SOTW is special, as it contains my favourite Asian artist. That’s right, I’m a Kitade fan. I’m also a D.Gray-man fan, which is why this song is doubly awesome. This was D.Gray-man’s 4th Ending theme, and the last one of the dub, since it hasn’t dubbed the 2nd Stage yet.

TV Version

I kind of miss D.Gray-man, so I shall have to set out and buy some tankouban. Anyway, the song’s pretty much a perfect fit for the series, as it is “gothic” (and I use that in the historic sense) and synth-heavy, both of which aren’t bad things, to match the gothic and… synth-heavy… D.Gray-man. Okay, maybe not a ‘perfect’ fit.

Either way, its pure, unadulterated, cutesy pop. And who’s to argue with that?