The plot is revealed, what exactly is going on?


They tell Saya that they put up with this charade over the summer only, but no more. They prove it as Saya can’t remember anything, not what the winter uniform looks like, or her last year classmates, because they never existed, nothing happened apart from this summer. She can’t even remember the name of her mum and there’s been no family photos.

Now Nono and Nene just want to get back to their normal lives, as does Tokizane who makes a sudden appearance.

It seems that those three, along with Tomofusa, Yuuko and Tsutsutori are the ‘main cast’ in this huge play. And being in the main cast, they survived those monsters. However the others who aren’t, died.

Tsutsutori then asks Tokizane if he has something and he brings a test tube of red liquid in. They force Saya to drink it, the blood of Elder Bairns.

Suddenly her eyes go red and memories flood in. Saya is now reminded that she is also a monster in human form hence why the military want to keep her quiet. The monologue guy is here and says that he wants her, but first she must take a nap and the memory ends.

And that’s why the flashbacks occur, as apparently Saya drinks the monster’s blood unconsciously whenever she kills one.

It seems that this was all an experiment, to give her false memories and see if she’d remain Kisaragi Saya or revert back to the old Saya. For participating in this, Tsutsutori’s reward is that she wants to see the real deal of all these myths and legends and a Shrovetide, i.e. a time period when these monsters are allowed to eat humans. But the man behind this keeps trying to stop Saya reverting back to the old Saya with drugs and hypnosis however Tsutsutori wants her to go back so she can see this Shrovetide for herself. So she forces more Elder Bairn blood down her.

More flashbacks/memories as she sits, locked up with the monologue guy, those tube things in her back are actually draining her blood. But the guy says he won’t take it all as it’s precious blood.

As Nono and Nene are discussing what weird things to do with their uniforms after this a monster appears from behind Saya . They run for it and meet Yuuka and Tomofusa who tells them that despite their best efforts by destroying the cameras and GPS, they’re still under surveillance. The entire town was created solely for this experiment, there’s no escape.


So, that’s the entire plot then. This huge experiment to see if Saya’s new memories can suppress her old ones with the help of drugs and hypnosis? Something like that is what I got. That explains a bit, like why she knows next to nothing about herself or her family and why the Motoe twins are still alive. But that’s not it, still need to explain the dog and her dad and what parts they play in this huge plot.

Also I’m sure everyone saw Fumito being the ‘ring leader’ coming, that monologue guy’s voice was too distinctively similar to his. Although I didn’t say anything back then as I wasn’t completely sure, but this episode confirms it so now I can say it whether you believe I thought it or not.

I wonder what rewards everyone wanted out of this, Tokizane wants money, Tsutsutori wants to write a paper on this to gain back credibility and the Motoe sisters want some criminal activity erased from their records, obviously something really bad as they seem very psychotic. So that leaves Yuuko and Tomofusa. What are they after? And the main two things on my mind are what Saya’s gonna win from this and I still don’t get the point of this whole experiment. What can Fumito gain and why do it? I hope this’ll be answered in the next and final episode of the anime.

Last thing then, what happened to that rampaging monster that popped out of the building at the end, did it just randomly stop for no reason? It was awfully quiet… Oh and it seems that Guimauve really has something to do with the plot, I’m assuming they’re the drugs that keep Saya’s old memories at bay, thought that could easily be the coffee, but we’ll see.