A huge massacre unfolds in front of the old Saya as the mastermind behind everything escapes by helicopter.


Another flashback begins as Fumito explains to Saya that in the past that the Japanese government made a deal with these Elder Bairns who they couldn’t defeat and allowed them to eat a certain number of humans during a certain time. Saya isn’t like them, she feeds on their blood, hence they are afraid of her, so he wants to conduct an experiment, take everything away from Saya apart from her strength and will she still be the same person, will she still think the same as before, will she think the same, or will she change completely. I.e. is it possible to change something fundamental to Saya. And that’s the test, whether she will change or not. To do this he prepared this remote place with the monsters and the people and a lot of surveillance.

The Motoe sisters ask if they can leave now seeing as Saya has her memories back and Fumito gives a smiling yes, before letting lose the monster from before to devour them. As Tsutsutori’s about to be eaten Saya jumps into action. She  gets into the monster’s mouth, climbs down the throat and with her eye powers locate its heart before stabbing through with a metal bar, killing it. That story about a ‘sacred blade’ was also a part of the act.

Tsutsutori runs for her life and meets Tadayoshi but then is killed by him as he drinks all of her blood. Saya’s back to her old self and realises that he’s a half Elder Bairn. Also all the Elder Bairn that have appeared have all been under Fumito’s control.

As Tadayoshi attacks, Fumito explains that if Saya wins then he’d give her the power to kill humans, as she can’t because of a promise she made to protect someone. Saya dispatches Tadayoshi in human form so he transforms into monster form and draws his blade.

With greater speed, power and agility, monster Tadayoshi easily takes Saya down. But suddenly that weird flashing image of a sword appears again in Saya’s head and her arm and sword glows. She jumped back up and with two well timed attacks, slices both Tadayoshi’s arms off. Even though he’s just another monster, Saya grieves for his death.

She chases after Fumito but he summons another monster and his private guard to hold her off. She kills the monster and then his guards fire machine guns at her but strangely enough Tomofusa jumps in to stop them and is gunned down himself. After they all leave he tells Saya that even though it was all an act he started to like her in the end.

The monster Saya killed splits itself multiple times and rampages around town eating anyone it can find. Anyone trying to escape is gunned down.

Saya furiously chases Fumito down killing anything in her path. Tadayoshi gets away by helicopter and shoots off half of Saya’s face and she falls down a river, he calls after her that the guimauve she ate, was made with the blood of her prey.

The days slowly go by and Saya sits alone.

The dog appears again far away from her and says that before Saya was captured she made a wish, to stay herself. And now that he’s granted her this wish, it’s time for her to reach the next one.

As the ending theme plays, Saya rushes out with a bandage around her eye and heads for civilization.


And that ends a rather interesting series. Well, interesting second half I should say, as the first half was still very dull and repetitive. But anyway, lemme get my thoughts of this episode out of the way before I give my thoughts on the series as a whole.

Well, obviously the traitors needed to die, rather nicely having their body parts pulled away like a rag dolls, at least this was true in the Motoe sisters. If they are trying to give us the image of them being easily disposable old, fragile, plastic dolls then I’d say they did rather well. This episode pretty much played out as I thought. Plot revealed, traitors died, bad guys got away, Saya chased and failed. Although what I didn’t see coming was Tomofusa rescuing Saya and machine gunned down relentlessly, though I guess the series did hint that he likes her when he helped her after killing that Elder Bairn that attacked the school. Also speaking of Tomofusa being gunned down, how the hell did he manage to talk after someone just gunned him down at close range? Surely you’d be dead straight away if someone fired a machine gun into you about a metre away for a few seconds.

So, did Fumito ever say what would happen if he won? I don’t think he mentioned it, which would mean that the movie continuation will. It definitely is a continuation right? I mean with all the things that still needs to be cleared up like Fumito needs to be killed and Saya is heading towards civilization, it’s bound to be a continuation. Oh and I’d like to know why her eye powers activate when they do and what was that weird glowing arm and sword thing.

I’m rather surprised that Saya’s fast regeneration didn’t heal all the cuts and bruises on her at the end. I mean sure maybe the regeneration’s not good enough to heal an eye, but I’m certain it’s good enough for those cuts and bruises and such. Well I’m sure they’ll all be fine when the movie comes round.

Overall I’m impressed with the series and quite happy I followed it to the end despite the extremely dull start. So obviously my big criticism would be the slow start. Although I have to admit, it did lead us into a false sense of security and when the fun killings began it came as a nice surprise, at least for the majority of us . Perhaps what the series should’ve done is given us more about the plot during the first few episodes, I mean it gave hints but that was it, I was thinking bigger longer flashbacks, or the monsters to talk more than just a few lines with Saya when they fought.

But anyway, apart from that I thoroughly enjoyed every episode after the killings began and looked forward to every episode. But obviously the censoring hugely reduced the fun in each episode. So much that I’ve deleted all the Blood C episodes I downloaded to watch and blog and will redownload when uncensored comes out, which I’m assuming will be the blu-ray version.

However much I’ve enjoyed this series, it’s not something I’d recommend to everyone, like Kirayoshi, but I would recommend it to people looking for some action and a fair amount of gore to go with it, and that person should have a bit of patience to get through the first few episodes that builds the false sense of security.

Sorry if my thoughts seem shorter than usual, last year of uni has hit me a little harder than I thought. But no worries I will get used to the work. Just bear with me for a while as I get everything sorted.

I know the new season has started so the first Bakuman season 2 episode blog will be up soon. Yes I have decided to blog Bakuman, not sure of the others yet. Will need to see how their first episodes are.