The start of the next regional tournament!


It’s that time of the year again, it’s the regional tournaments! On the way there, each of Q4 thinks to their last nationals and how they will be better this time. And Kai thinks back to what Miwa told him and eyes Aichi suspiciously.

They are greeted with vicious stares as they enter the tournament halls, but then they have a more comical reunion with Team Handsome who of course vows to meet them in the finals and defeat them.

At the opening ceremony they are treated to a song by Ultra-rare. When they go off stage Kourin wonders why they’re still here, but Suiko says that although they don’t think Aichi has this ‘ability’ she believes Misaki does.

The first round begins and Team Handsome gains a quick win over their opponents. Kamui says it’ll definitely be them vs Team Handsome at this rate but Aichi oddly enough tells him not to worry, they’ll win.

As the matches continue a song plays over clips of some minor fights that we don’t need to see.

Whilst Q4 are resting, Kai is constantly glancing at Aichi and when Aichi hears the voice of his cards Kai is taken by surprise. But he says nothing and looks away.

Q4’s first match is nearly up and when asked who to fight first, Aichi volunteers! Kai decides to sit out so Kamui says he’ll go last and Misaki’s second. Kai then wonders if Aichi has really gotten strong, or if it’s something else…

Their match is against Team Frangrance, a perfumer team who can smell out how a person is feeling. The first fighters step up and according to Aichi’s opponent he’s feeling nervous.


Well, Aichi’s surely deluded. The cards are talking to him, so he thinks he’s stronger? I’m pretty sure you should be thinking if you’re going crazy or not, not that you’re getting stronger… kids these days, he’s obviously high…

Also, it seems like they’re really trying to push Ultra-rare out, probably for an insert song CD soon. I don’t get the point, apart from making more money… but this is a TCG anime, sure OP and ED singles cos that’s normal, but why are they trying to push a band in a TCG anime into its fans? It makes no sense, Duel Masters, Yu-Gi-Oh etc didn’t do this. The song’s not great, but I guess it’s not bad either, I still wouldn’t buy it, couldn’t careless, it’s the cards I’m more interested in frankly, why else would I watch a TCG anime. But anyway, seeing as I’m on the topic of Ultra-rare I wonder what ability they’re thinking of. At first I thought they were talking about an ability like Ren and probably Kai who have ‘flashy’ eyes and see what others don’t. But now I’m starting to think otherwise as they say Aichi doesn’t have this ability but Misaki may do, so makes me wonder what kind of other ability can there be.

Also, did anyone else think Aichi was very odd this episode? Sure he sounded confident, but he also sounded like a child trying to impress his parents or for them to be proud of him, or notice him. But yeah, he seems very off, wonder why.

Overall another laxed episode. That nail biting shivering guy with his hat over his head seems like he’ll be an important part of this competition. I’m assuming he’ll be part of a team that defeats Team Handsome and faces Q4. Either that or he’s just spying on Q4 for some reason we’ll probably find out soon. Like those rare hunters back in YGO…

Anyway, I was hoping for a different tournament, not back to the regionals already, but oh well whatever, if it’ll continue the story then I’m all for it.