Q4 vs Frangrance first round. ———————————————————————————————————————–

Aichi goes first and rides Marron, moving Barcgal back and using its skill to call Flogal. His opponent rides Gemini and attacks for 1 damage. 1-0.

Aichi calls Llew with Barcgal’s skill and uses Llew’s counterblast to superior ride Blaster Blade but because of that, one of his rearguards retire. He then calls Wingal and attacks. 1-1.

Other guy rides Wiseman he then calls Oracle guardian Red Eye and Blue Eye. Wiseman and Red Eye attacks. 3-1.

Aichi feels something and with inhuman luck, he draws Gancelot and rides it. He then calls Alfred. Gancelot uses counterblast, at cost of 2 +5k power and +1 damage but he is completely guarded and Alfred deals 1 damage. 3-2

Other guy rides Apollon and calls Metoer Break Wizard and Gemini. Red Eye and Meteor Wizard deal 2 damage whilst Apollon is guarded. 5-2.

Aichi calls Marron, Palamedes and Pegasus Knight. He uses Gancelot’s counterblast again. Palamedes attacks first dealing 1 damage. Alfred is guarded. But Gancelot draws a Critical trigger to pull out a win. 5-6.

He walks back to everyone but suddenly loses his balance and falls onto Misaki. So they let him rest and after being told from Misaki that Aichi’s head started hurting when he watched Ren, Kai remembers back to the time when Ren was also losing consciousness like this. He thinks that instead of getting stronger, Aichi is actually losing himself to that power, but it’s still too early to judge.

Ultra-rare watches the match on a TV screen and Suiko remembers when Ren came to play and Aichi had a reaction from him. But Misaki steps up so they focus on her. The episode skips through most of the duel until the last few attacks that seals Misaki’s win.

Team Handsome easily makes it through the second and so Semi-Finals next. Aichi has a rest whilst Kai takes to the battlefield next match and crushes his opponent meaning they also advance to the Semis.

Aichi struggles to the Semi match whilst an overwhelming Kamui gets them to the finals.

Team Handsome is on their last fight in the match as Gouki plays Team Avenger’s leader.

Back in a resting area Aichi tells Kai that he hears voices from his cards and those cards become his key cards. He asks Kai if this is what he meant by ‘imagining it’ and Kai shakily replies with a no thinking back to Ren. He then tells him that it’s him who’s playing the fight.

An upset occurs as Team Handsome loses to Avenger.

Q4 meets Avenger for the first time and the leader of Avenger reveals himself as Kyou.


So, the white haired hooded guy was Kyou after all. The possibility was definitely there, but I was just unsure who the other two people would be in the team and it seems like the creators went the easy way out and made them nobodies that we don’t need to bother with. Which probably means that Kyou will be the only one to pose a threat, the others will lose and that’ll be that, although I get the feeling that’s all Kyou came here for anyway. Wonder if it’ll be Kai or Aichi that faces him.

Aichi’s match against that Team Fragrance had me a little worried, firstly that he wouldn’t draw a critical trigger and secondly the other guy might pull a heal trigger. But, no twists here, at least not now, wouldn’t be fair or right for them to lose so early.

So then, Kai’s noticed Aichi’s ability. And if I understand correctly, Ren also has this ability, that the creatures talk to him. But from what Kai’s implying it seems that Ren was controlled by this power, which is why he’s keeping a very close eye on Aichi so he doesn’t succumb to the power as well. So what came up with was that Ren is possessed by this dark monster, like Dark Blade and he’s the big evil monster in the Vanguard spirit world, aka Cray, and Ultra-rare are 3 ‘monsters’ who escaped to try and find people with powers to stand against Ren and his dark monsters. That’s my take on the bit storyline if I accept the fact that Ultra-rare is from Cray as stated by one of my commentors. I mean, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it was a spirit world thing, heck, I’m expecting something to do with that if it goes down the usual TCG anime route.

Also, I’m assuming Kai also has this power, but he can control it, hence his overwhelming strength. Which would explain his loner attitude, sitting at the top is indeed a lonely thing.

Anyway, we’ll see how Kyou does then. My bet’s on him getting beaten by Aichi, or utterly crushed against by Kai again. I don’t think he’s improved enough to challenge Kai, and I think Aichi’s improved enough to beat him now.