Episode 2: The Sage`s Reward

Great alarm call

Nonoha joins Kaito at the top as he stares at the three ropes. Kaito eliminates two of the ropes as they are dummies and he pulls the middle one. The cogs move and close off the water, Nonoha announces that the door is now open, but Kaito has passed out. Nonoha carries Kaito out of the cave, thanking him for saving her as a guy on a motorbike watches them. The next morning, Kaito is asleep when Nonoha bursts into his room. Still not woken up by Nonoha’s loud wake-up call, she feigns a difficult puzzle which wakes him up. On the way to school, Kaito thinks about what happened to him, as though he became one with the puzzle. Arriving at school, Chieno Tamaki greets them, but Kaito doesn’t and is pulled back. However, before he can answer, someone on the roof starts shouting that Kaito is a moron.

Charming guy

Kaito figures it out that it is Morse code and the message is to come to the roof. Up the stairs, Kaito is confronted with several puzzles, which he solves with ease. Arriving on the roof, he is ensnared by a rope trap and hangs upside down. The guy on the roof introduces himself as Sakanoue Gyamon, with the title Galileo, he tells Kaito not to mess with Sage puzzles and leaves. Nonoha arrives to find Kaito hanging upside down. Souji, who is standing near, tells Kaito that the headmaster wants to see him. In the headmaster’s office, Baron congratulates Kaito for solving the puzzle as Kaito has the armband of Orpheus, which is the treasure of the ruins. It unlocks hidden abilities of the wearer. Baron goes on explaining that puzzles are given by an organisation called POG and that solvers fight to solve them, the last one standing will get the chance to solve the Divine puzzle. Baron wants Kaito to solve the puzzles and take the title of Einstein, but Kaito refuses and leaves.

A pair of fattys

At the cafeteria, Kaito is heading to the counter when Gyamon pushes passed him and orders some food. They fight by ordering more than the other. Gyamon walks away with his food without paying, Kaito finds out that Gyamon has a title, he doesn’t have to pay, but Kaito does. After the meal, Kaito gets an invite by a POG giver Crash. However, Gyamon takes the device thinking that he could make some money by solving the sage puzzle and so he leaves, Nonoha however takes a sneaking glance at the map before he leaves. Later, Kaito thinks about Gyamon and how he came up with a good puzzle. Nonoha then appears and asks if Kaito is going to the location of the puzzle. She tells him that she knows the location of the puzzle and they should head there. Kaito commends her for her ability to remember the map. At the location, Crash greets Kaito but it is Gyamon. Crash tells him that he cannot participate in solving the puzzle. However, Kaito and Nonoha arrive, which then Crash tells the three of them to get in the car.

Small windscreen wiper...

Inside, they are sealed in and have to solve the puzzle by moving the cars around with the touch screen. He gives them a time limit of ten minutes, after which Crash will drop a bus on top of them, killing them. Gyamon thinks he is bluffing and immediately starts to solve the puzzle. With two minutes to spare, Gyamon solves it and mocks as he moves the car to the exit. However, Crash stops the movements of their car and proceeds to drop the bus on them. Gyamon and Nonoha try desperately to escape the car, but Kaito thinks he can solve the puzzle, which Gyamon thinks it is impossible. Kaito’s armband and eye glows as he quickly solves the puzzle by using another vehicle to push them out of the exit. They escape just as the bus lands. After, Gyamon gives up the treasure as it is damaged, he leaves complimenting Kaito’s skill. Kaito tells Nonoha that he will take the title of Einstein, only because he is hungry. Elsewhere, Crash is told that his POG license is being revoked. The man then informs the guy in charge that they have an interesting individual, Daimon Kaito.

Another interesting and funny episode, especially the cafeteria scene; I couldn’t eat all that, even if I tried. However, if titles give you free food, then I am all up for it. For the sage puzzle, when I saw it, I could only think of Professor Layton, with the car in a similar colour to the Layton mobile. Not the same car; a 2CV, but equal in one aspect, a death-trap. This really is a good anime and has some samples of some puzzles within the story; hopefully this would keep up and not be boring. Also, I apologise that this was not posted earlier as unfortunately, I lost the internet and couldn’t post. I thought I could write one while I was offline, but I needed some information from the internet to write them, so I couldn’t. So I ended up clearing up my hard drive and watching backlogged anime episodes, until it got fixed. I will hopefully put Tamayura in for Friday’s post, as soon as I can write it, to keep the post-a-day going. So yeah, a lot of work to do.

Addition: I met some people who think Ecchi is Hentai… THESE PEOPLE HAVE AN IQ LESS THAN A CUP OF TEA!!!