It is my turn this week and this is another song from Clannad Kage Futatsu or Two Shadows.

I really like this song and especially Riya’s voice. The actual piece of music I think is in the fan book and it is in Ab Major (4 Flats). The song has that sense of achievement and power.  It feels as though if a person works their hardest, they can achieve anything. Every time I hear it, I always have the picture in my mind of Tomoya confessing to Nagisa in a beautiful orange sunset. It is a scene which even it is tear-jerking, still makes you feel warm inside and that makes me kind of happy, which I hope some people do feel the same way.

This one is from the bottom of the barrel and a desperate one, but still was on my list. I must announce that my next song choice would be from K-ON! Yes, I promised Lucretia that I would not do a K-ON! one but I have a good reason for choosing it. Also I am a little late of posting this but something keeps on tripping the power supply to the rear sockets, where my computer and laptop are. So I spent most of my time cleaning the dust from the sockets and cables as well as enabling a wireless connection to the shiny new hub I acquired. I think it maybe my computer’s fault as the anti-surge trailing socket surge protection is not working anymore. With a new trailing socket in, hopefully I can continue without interruption.