Aichi vs Kyou is finished, but something’s not right with Kai.


As Aichi takes his move, even the others on Kyou’s team is reminded of Ren when they look at him. He uses Alfred’s counterblast, at the cost of 3, search your deck for a grade 2 or lower Royal Paladin and superior call. Palamedes and Alfred land 2 damage whilst Gallatin is guarded. 4-4.

Kyou rides Seyfried and calls High Speed, Brakki. Brakki attacks with a soulblast increasing its power to 18k and deals 1 damage. Seyfried attacks and activates ability gaining 3k power going to 17k, with Dudley Dan’s boost he uses its counterblast to soul charge and superior call Wonder Boy. Aichi guards with Epona and High Dog Breeder. Kyou doesn’t draw a trigger, but he does draw a grade 3 and due to Seyfried’s ability, he can superior call so he now has 2 Sky Diver standing. His first Sky Diver is guarded by Elaine, second is guarded by Pongal and intercepted by Gallatin.

Aichi suddenly declares final turn! He moves Pegasus Knight forward and calls Marron behind it. He uses Margal’s ability, by moving it to soul Pegasus Knight gains 3k power, then Knight’s own skill gives it 3k power. But strangely enough, Aichi attacks first with Pegasus Knight dealing 1 damage. Kyou gets a draw trigger and we see his hand full of guarding cards so he thinks he can get through his turn, but Aichi reminds him that he’s already said this will be the final turn. Alfred attacks and Kyou guards with Cheer Girl, Tiara, and Aichi draws a stand trigger and of course he stands Pegasus Knight. Palamedes attacks next with its own skill giving it a total of 21k power so Kyou has to guard with a perfect defense leaving no cards in his hand, which means a final damage dealt by Pegasus Knight wins the fight.

In the other room, Ultra-rare has recognised Aichi ability known as Psyqualia and is pleased they found someone with power.

Aichi walks over to Kai to tell him he won and then nearly faints again. He’s sent to the infirmary with Emi watching over him.

Ultra-rare watches Misaki’s win, but disappointedly senses nothing from her.

Kai visits Aichi and tells him that Misaki won. Aichi asks Kai if he’s gotten stronger, but Kai tells him he’s gotten weaker.

Kyou still isn’t giving up, he wants to enter another regional tournament and go to the finals that way, but a new team appears, known as Brilliant Stars who ‘captures’ them.

Aichi doesn’t understand why Kai says he’s gotten weaker so he challenges him to a fight to prove how strong he is. Kai is then reminded of Ren and exits the room. He tells everyone that he’s dropping out of Q4 and he wonders if he made the same mistake.

Aichi remembers back to when Kai gave him Blaster Blade and asks himself, why?


Why did Kai leave? Did he see too much of Ren in Aichi and decided there was no way to pull him back? Why doesn’t he help him? I’m assuming this is only the early stages of becoming Ren like, so if Kai knows the ‘symptoms’ I’m sure he can get Aichi out of it and not just run away. I think he’ll be back though, I don’t think he’s the type to run from something like this. Or rather I hope he comes back and train Aichi to be another Kai, that’d be fun. However, I quite like Aichi like this. He can make people give wacky faces, or at least Kyou, and his trash talking is much better.

Not much to talk about in the fight apart from I wonder why Aichi didn’t attack with Palamedes first in his ‘final turn’, that way Kyou would’ve needed to use up more of his guard. You see, I thought this would be the smarter move as then Alfred would’ve also been guarded and Kyou would think he’s safe, until the stand trigger. I thought it’d be more agony for Kyou, but no matter, he still won. Although there was another thing I wondered, why didn’t Kyou let Palamedes’ attack go through if he didn’t want to be owned by Pegasus Knight? He knew he was going to lose, so at least then he might’ve saved some face by laughing that Pegasus Knight didn’t get the last laugh.

So the plot moved on and we found out the power that Ren and Aichi possess is known as Psyqualia and it seems Misaki doesn’t have such power. So Ultra-rare made a mistake but they’ve found who they’re looking for. So I wonder what Kai has then, if he’s on par with Ren he’s either extremely good, or he has Psyqualia too. But I’ve never seen his eyes go rainbowy, so what’s his deal?

Also, I got what I came for, priceless faces by Kyou. Truly hilarious. And speaking of Kyou, I wonder if we’ll ever see him again now that he’s captured by this new team called Brilliant Stars. I wonder who they are. They look like a bunch of Rens, dress sense at least, all so feminine, that’s assuming they’re guys, which I think they are… are they?

Anyway, twas an interesting episode preview. Seems like Aichi is indeed walking down the Ren path, he’s gifted with Blaster Dark as far as I see. So, what will Kai do now? Crush Aichi in a fight to drag him out of his path? Or walk away like he did with Ren? We’ll see.