Yuji appears as a changed person. What is he after?


Tanaka and Kazumi are astonished to recognise that the person with as much power as a crimson lord is Yuji.

The new Sakai greets Shana and Alastor demands to know who he really is. The new Yuji’s voice changes and says to Alastor that he’s surprised he doesn’t recognise him, but that’s expected as Alastor arrived later than him to this world. Margery and Wilhelmina appear and asks if this is still Sakai Yuji.

Yuji replies it is still Sakai Yuji, but that’s merely a name as his true name is different. He says that once they see his flames they’ll understand, and summons a dark Fuzetsu with black flames. He then reveals his actual body and says that he is now known as Snake of the Festival. His other name is God of Creation, someone who stands as Alastor’s equal.

But it seems that he was drunk on power and banished by the flame haze a long time ago. Without warning he attacks with a huge tornado of wind. Margery and Wilhelmina back off as Shana draws his sword and refuse to believe that this is Yuji.

Margery launches a surprise attack, combined with Wilhelmina they manage to pin him down and hit him with a barrage of attacks.

At the Haridan Kazumi knows that this is the real Yuji from the way Shana’s speaking about him.

Yuji is unharmed when he appears from the attack and pulls Shana up. He locks Margery and Wilhelmina up in a ball of silver and asks Shana to come with him but still with a confused face, Shana retreats.

Margery and Wilhelmina make progress in breaking through Yuji’s ball so Yuji stops them by giving out information about the silver. This forces Shana to attack, but Yuji dodges them all.

Inside the ball of silver Yuji spawns out several suits of armour that resembles the silver and says that they are the embodiment of human emotions and a part of the armour that forms his personality. And that armour is just an illusion that appears before humans who have deep emotions. Basically the silver that appeared before Margery was her hatred, and it did what she wanted to do herself.

Hearing all this, Margery completely loses herself and breaks down causing the contract between her and Marco to fluctuate.

Margery has a flashback and things finally make sense now. She was betrayed repeatedly and hated everyone. She had hated the silver for destroying what she wanted to destroy, but now she finds that it was actually herself all along. It was all over already.

Back outside it’s only Yuji and Shana and their battle begins as Yuji pulls out Blutsauger. Shana looks to have the disadvantage in strength and as Yuji still owns that Hogu that absorbs fire he’s unharmed from her fire. Shana tries out her new move and after that they land on Yuji’s old house.

Yuji then tells her of his plans to change the world. To protect everyone and to free Shana from the fate of endless fighting. He tells her that he’s gotten stronger like she wanted, so now he will fight to walk alongside her and to protect her. They launch their final attacks and Shana’s flames are completely overwhelmed by Yuji’s.

From the Haridan Kazumi and Tanaka see Yuji fast approaching and in seconds he comes crashing through the roof holding an unconscious Shana. He collects the Haridan, rejects Kazumi (from what I see) and leaves with Shana.


So, Yuji’s taken Shana away, what for? If she was the only one to stand in their way then why didn’t he get rid of her there and then? And if Yuji’s existence is still there then he’d want Shana to stay safe, so wouldn’t he just leave her alone? Keep her captive and safe that way so she can watch the world change due to his doing? But even so, is it wise to keep her alive? Also if what Yuji meant by protecting her and ending her misery of having to fight everyday by killing her, then why would he keep her alive? I don’t get it… unless I’m mistaken somewhere. But anyway the reason about capturing her to see him take over the world seems the most plausible explanation for his actions, for now at least, so I think I’ll go with that.

But anyway, we now know who Yuji’s new personality is, snake of the festival, a crimson lord on par with Alastor, who had once tried to take over the world basically, I wonder how he’s able to walk around so freely. I’m assuming he’s using Yuji in a way similar to how Alastor is using Shana? Cos if the lord himself can walk around in the real world like that then that’s not going to be good. I don’t think they can take down a lord with the same power as Alastor. In which case I am hoping for them to show Alastor’s true form to have him battle it out against this snake guy, that’d be fun, but I don’t think that’ll happen as it’ll be Shana who’s fighting.

Anyway Yuji proves what I said last time about intellect being far greater than brute strength. He used words to take down Margery and was fighting Shana at the same time, now that’s what I like to see in a powerful person. Reminds of the time when Zhuge Liang talked Wang Lang to death and forced his army to retreat, of course this was fictional but even so, it shows the power in words.

I’m sure with the help of Tanaka and Keisaku, Margery will soon get out of her dead mood and start drinking as normal again. So maybe a quiet few episodes as things calm down and then heat up as either Margery and Wilhelmina go after Shana or Bal Masque take the fight to them.