Sasaki makes a huge decision which causes a rebellion among the authors.


Miura tells them that they’ll be put on hiatus but Mashiro refuses. So Miura agrees to pass on the message that he thinks Mashiro can draw in hospital.

Takagi and Miura then take their leave which leaves a little awkward couple behind. Azuki and Mashiro decide to hold off their promise until Mashiro’s discharged so she can come see him everyday.

Miura reports to Sasaki, but he still remains adamant on putting them on hiatus, so he decides to go with Miura to visit Mashiro the next day.

Because Mashiro says that if he’s not allowed to draw his stress level will build and it’ll be worse for his health, the doctor tells the editor in chief that if he draws in moderation he should be fine. But then Mashiro’s mum comes.

She and Sasaki have a chat outside, where basically Sasaki reassures that no harm will befall Mashiro anymore.

Fukuda, Nakai and Hiramaru hear about Mashiro and all decide to visit him, not together and without Nakai.

Hiramaru is quite shocked to find that Mashiro’s still drawing in hospital, and that he has a cute girlfriend. This gives Yoshida some ‘ammunition’ for him to get Hiramaru to draw. Fukuda arrives a few minutes later and is glad to see Mashiro lively enough to draw. This meeting is cut short as Sasaki comes by and tells them the decision they’ve come to. TRAP will be put on hiatus until next April when Mashiro and Takagi graduate! The reason, is because of his uncle’s death. But Mashiro still refuses to stop drawing.

Even at the editorial department, everyone’s against this.

Disgusted by Sasaki’s reasoning, Hiramaru exits the room. Fukuda says he won’t accept this and leaves as well.

Fukuda decides not to draw until Ashirogi Muto is back, and Niizuma joins him. They’re going to keep this quiet from Ashirogi. Fukuda says he’ll convince Nakai and Aoki and organise a team Fukuda boycott. Of course Hiramaru will be the easiest to convince.

Niizuma is very into this boycott, he even says that he’ll pay the termination fees for everyone so they can all go draw for another magazine if they don’t let Ashirogi Muto off. Oddly enough, Aoki agrees with everyone.

At the editorial department Yujiro wants to protest against the decision, but it’s not going to do much good, and then he gets a call from Fukuda about the boycott. Whilst Yujiro seems happy about it, he’s still an editor and their job is to make them draw, so all of their editors plus Hattori come to meet with team Fukuda in person.


Indeed, I think anyone watching this will agree that Sasaki’s being extremely unreasonable. Although I do get his and his mother’s concern. I’m not sure Mashiro knows how to stop drawing, if he could he’d probably draw during his operation as well. I can see how they’re linking this to his uncle’s overwork and death but seriously though this is going too far. What does Sasaki think that making him go on hiatus will do? He’s not exactly just going to stop, heck he’ll draw as much as before, maybe even more to try out new things now that he’s not got a deadline to meet every week. When you’re faced with someone this determined the best solution is not to try and stop him, that just results in him being reckless again. But rather control this determination and make sure he’s safe. This entire thing has just sparked a huge rebellion of authors as well, which I have to admit is quite fun and on good grounds, but there was no need if Sasaki didn’t make the worst decision of his career. Hell will break lose now if the editors aren’t able to quell the rebellion. And I’m really hoping they don’t, Sasaki will be made to reconsider sooner or later, even his editors are against him and you can see that he didn’t truly want to make this decision. Just depends on how he’s going to reconsider.

So, Takagi believes what Azuki did was true love? Accepting their partner’s wish and going for it even though he’s in that condition? Hmmm… I guess I’m not one to judge as I have no understanding of love at all. But even still, isn’t well being first always? Perhaps it’s different for every couple, love is a very complicated thing. Oh well, I don’t want to deal with all that right now.

I found the scene when all the editors ran back to their seats when Sasaki entered quite hilarious. It just reminded me of when I was working and everyone gets back to work extremely quickly, if they weren’t, as soon as the boss comes in. Some good hilarious times, especially when a colleague nearly tripped rushing back to his seat. Not the best scene in a professional environment, but luckily the boss didn’t come into the room, he just walked past.

Anyway, it seems team Fukuda surely has guts to take on the editorial department. A boycott huh, and they’ve got back up, with Niizuma behind them they’re a huge threat. He’s got so much money he doesn’t even care. But when it’s editors vs authors I believe authors should win, after all, there’re no editors if there’re no authors. This will be a fun match to watch.