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Episode 4: The Sound on Opportunity Island, It Is!

Got any ID?

It is the summer holidays and the girls are all excited especially Fuu as it is her first summer back in the town. Maon is also excited as her parents run an inn on an island, which Fuu’s grandpa lives also. They all decide to go on a holiday there. Maon packs and leaves the house, along with a bag of souvenirs and heads off to Mitarai. Fuu tells her mum about her holiday plans and also informs her that Kou is also invited. Kaoru, Norie, Fuu and Kou head to Mitarai by boat. Everyone is excited, except Fuu who gets a little nervous on the boat there. After a bit of a walk, they reach the inn. They greet Maon’s mum; with Fuu still nervous. Maon’s father greets them, then starts crying; thanking them for taking care of his daughter. Maon’s mum calls her and she runs down the stairs and greets her friends. Told to make themselves at home by her mother, Maon blocks them off from the room, telling them it is off limits and pushes them upstairs to the 2nd floor lounge. Her mother serves them tea and tells Maon to show her friends around the town.

Run from the scary monster

Maon leaves to get ready, as the other girls wonder if Maon would inherit the inn someday. They head around town and come across a wishing tunnel, which Norie wishes several things which include Kou. They continue their tour around the town whilst Fuu takes several pictures of them. They then come across a theatre and Maon stops here. They head inside and find the place fresh and new; informed that the place had recently been restored. Maon then starts whistling and has sense of nostalgia. Outside, Maon is still spaced out, while the others think that Maon’s dream would be hindered by her parents’ desire for her to inherit the inn. However, Kou asks about the watchmaker’s shop. According to Fuu, they plan to meet their grandpa at the watchmaker’s as he has a watch being repaired. Norie thinks that making a good impression would make her get closer to Kou, but ends up greeting Komachi who is visiting her grandmother. After, a bit of fighting between Norie and Komachi, Fuu’s grandpa greets them.


After being dropped off, Komachi greets Fuu’s grandpa politely, but Fuu’s grandpa stammers back as he is nervous as Fuu is. He invites them all to have some tea. They sit down and have some sweet lemon jelly, when Maon hears a car pull up. She looks over as some asks for directions to Nodoka-tei (Maon’s parents’ inn). Maon runs over but gets flustered answering them. However, she composes herself and offers to direct them to the inn; she leaves the girls and goes with the guests in the car. Kaoru feels a bit worried and decides that they should head back to the inn. Komachi wants to go with Kou, but is forced change her mind as her grandma has made her some sweets and she heads off. Back at the inn, Maon is serving the drinks to the guests, but gets all mixed up due to her nervousness. She then offers to carry the bags for them to their room and ends up struggling with a heavy suitcase. The girls; watching from afar go to help her, but are stopped by Fuu’s grandpa. He explains that Maon is working hard to provide a welcoming service to the guests. He gets a lift back home, after receiving a gift from Fuu and having a picture taken; getting the peace sign wrong in the process.

Maon is definitely cross-eyed

That evening, the group have a delicious evening meal. After, Maon’s mother invites them down to join them in the living room whilst Maon is helping washing the dishes. The girls still wonder about Maon inheriting the inn. In the living room, Norie wants to talk importantly to Maon’s father, but he gets flustered and ends up declining a marriage proposal for Maon. Norie explains about Maon inheriting the inn and that she should follow her dream in a career in music. However, Maon appears and tells her that’s not it. She goes on about in the past she went to concert and was amazed by the performance that she wished she could do something like that. Also the inn is also important to her as it is the place she was born and raised in. Maon’s father tells her that even though she struggled to greet people, she does her best and works hard. He then adds that she ends up changing her dreams and heads towards the cupboard, but is stopped by Maon. The girls get suspicious and restrain her while Kaoru and Fuu open the door. They find that Maon had several ambitions as was growing up, changing from one to the next. Her father tells her just to be herself and chose whatever she wants to be. Fuu narrates about the kindness a father shows to his child and wonders if her Dad ever felt the same way.

[End credits]: Maon also wanted to be a comedian.

This is was an episode about Maon and her family. She is a very shy person and does find difficulty in expressing herself. I quite like Maon as she is a very gentle character, much quieter than Norie is. Just by chance that Komachi just so happened to be there on the same island and such by coincidence that she is also visiting an elderly relative like Fuu. This is focused on Maon and her future dreams. The girls assumed what the parents wanted and figured that Maon was forced to take over the inn, but both dreams are a part of Maon’s life and future. Finally, no Momoneko was in this episode which was a pity. Anyway, this is late due to problems with the broadcasting, which is actually terrible.