Episode 6: Restoration Towards the Light

Feeling Blue?

Kaito has a dream (nightmare) of his parents’ demise; he then wakes up in bed. He sits up and picks up a puzzle on the floor, but he is unable to solve it and he wonders why. The next day at school, Nonoha tries to cheer up Kaito, but she fails. Gyamon comes up to Kaito and taunts him that he has become an idiot. Nonoha responds by flying kicking and then strangling him. However, Kaito doesn’t care and he walks away. Cubic rolls up and fires a sleeping dart at Kaito, knocking him out, intending to help by examining him. Kaito wakes up in Cubic’s lab and is greeted by Nonoha and Ana. Cubic analysis Kaito and discovers that the armlet gives Kaito the ability to use 100% of his brain, including the portion of which has emotions. Cubic and Ana add that Kaito suffered a situation that 100% of his brain was controlled by emotion, called ‘reverse berserk’. Cubic tells Kaito that he advise him not solve anymore puzzles as another reverse berserk episode would affect his life. His current condition not being able to solve puzzles is the result of Kaito’s brain rejecting them due to the danger. Just then Kaito receives another invitation from POG. However he is unable to solve the puzzle, Gyamon goes to solve it, but Kaito wants it prompting Gyamon to wrestle him and highlighting his inability to solve puzzles.

Oh Grow Up!!!

Souji and Baron show their concerns for Kaito as POG have contacted him again, even in his current condition. Kaito runs all the way to the puzzle club and challenges Takeda Naoki again. Naoki presents Kaito with another Sudoku puzzle, but Kaito is unable to solve it, making Naoki overjoyed in defeating Kaito. Later, Kaito is down by a river, when Gyamon comes up to him. He hands back the device and tells him the location of the meeting. Kaito argues that he won’t allow Gyamon to go to the meeting point. Gyamon turns and punches him to the ground and tells him he doesn’t want to see him again. He then leaves with Kaito shouting at him to come back and that he is the one who solves the puzzles, but it ends up being futile. Later, Nonoha meets up with Kaito and talks about his parents and about him not solving puzzles. He recounts back to when he met Baron and was about to throw away a puzzle, but was stop by Baron; telling him about throwing away precious things. Kaito then runs off to the meeting point with Nonoha following.

Got that sinking feeling

Gyamon is at the meeting point and is greeted by the POG giver. However, the Giver recognises Gyamon as not the holder of the armband of Orpheus. However, Kaito turns up with Nonoha and apologies for being late and states that he is going to solve the puzzle. The three of them reach the Demon mouth cave; Kaito and Gyamon ran all the way. Inside the Giver gives Kaito the puzzle. He has to fill the empty spaces with the words provided; the one that is left should be the answer and should stand on it and the treasure would be revealed. Kaito tries to solve it but is unable, so Gyamon steps in and quickly solves that the answer is rope. Gyamon walks and stands on the word, the circle spins upside down, as Kaito figures out that ‘rope’ when reversed spells ‘trap’. Gyamon jumps but is too late and falls into a sinking sand pit, but is partially saved by Nonoha. Kaito tries to reach them but is stopped by a wall of fire. He is then given another puzzle to solve, similar to the earlier one.

Taxi for one?

Kaito struggles to concentrate on the puzzle and relives the moment of his parents’ death. This causes him to go into reverse berserk. Nonoha and Gyamon are unable to do anything except watch. Kaito then remembers the words that Baron said to him and which makes him scream that he would not run away and he is going to solve this puzzle. The armband shifts from blue to yellow. He looks at the puzzle and discovers that the four elements have something to do with the words. He quickly places the words in the empty slots, leaving 2 empty spaces. He then completes the entire puzzle in the nick of time. Gyamon stops sinking, mere inches from his face with Nonoha relief that they are saved. Kaito armband’s glow goes out and he passes out. After, they exit the cave Nonoha wonders if Kaito is ok, Gyamon test this by whispering to Kaito ‘Nonoha’s sweets’ which does the trick. Kaito apologises to Gyamon and thanks him. This makes Gyamon blush and starts arguing with Kaito that he should have remained an idiot, with Nonoha wondering if there is a difference between them.

Kaito has his mojo back, finding inspiration from the words of Baron. Did some checking on that rope/trap trick, yes it was a play on words; something to do with reversing ‘Nawa’(rope) and ‘Wana’ (trap). It also shows that the POG have it in for him, but the White haired guy hasn’t been introduced yet (Yeah I know he is called Luke Crossfield, but he hasn’t been mentioned yet, I don’t think…). Up to now I think, Nonoha, Gyamon and Kaito make up a good team and I hope that they continue with this team for a bit. Eventually, I would like to see more participation from Cubic and Ana in the puzzles, since they have been at one each; maybe not so much with Cubic, as he was a hindrance then. The only nagging thing that I wanted was for Kaito to return to the puzzle club and show Naoki up again, puzzle after puzzle, but that wasn’t to be, oh well let us move on then.

[Quick Update]:

 Seiken no Blacksmith [completed]

Asu No Yoichi [completed]

Erementar Gerad [completed]

Manyuu Hiken-chou [episodes are only half-uncensored; awaiting full-uncensored version]

Toaru Kagaku No Railgun OVA [STILL haven’t even watched it yet!!!]

Dog Days [re-starting]

Hayate no Gotoku! [starting, maybe]

Anime Distractions:

Radiant Historia (DS) [completed]

Fallout: New Vegas + DLCs (PC) [restarted]