Ichigo achieves his fullbring and Tsukshima makes his appearance. What does he want?


The glow from the badge forms a shape, zangetsu’s guard shape. Ichigo tries throwing the badge at the pig monster first, but the glow disappears when his badge leaves his hand. He picks it up and the glow reappears. He tries to hit the monster with the guard but it won’t cut. So instead he defends with the guard glow and it works. He places another hand on the badge and feels something familiar. Knowing what it is, he fires off a getsuga that takes down the pig.

As he exits the dollhouse he hears Rukia’s voice coming from his badge, but has no idea what it means.

Elsewhere, Tsukshima Shukuro, the person who attacked Ishida, is planning an attack on Orihime, and he’s sending a subordinate by the name of Shishigawara. But this guy apparently has a problem with attacking girls and is ‘knocked out’ by Orihime’s cuteness. He’s able to get back up, and when he mentions Ishida, Orihime becomes serious. But then, Tsukishima makes his appearance.

Ichigo is told to go back home, as a fullbring takes more of a toll on his body than he thinks, so he should get some rest before progressing.

Back with Orihime, Tsukihima tells Shishigawara to go home, and when he doesn’t, he closes the book he always carries and takes out the bookmark, this scares Shishigawara.

Ichigo and Chad walk home together and Chad wants to give him half the bread that Orihime always brings to his house, but as soon as he touches the bag that Orihime left, he knew there was something wrong with her through the spiritual pressure.

Tsukishima flicks his bookmark and it turns into a sword. That is his fullbring, ‘book of the end’. He says he won’t do anything to Orihime, but will punish his subordinate. So being the nice person Orihime is, she stands in front of Shishigawara protecting him, although saying that she’s not protecting him, but rather, she can’t let the one who hurt Ishida get away.


Looks like the episodes are back to typical bleach episodes, i.e. not much happening… Ichigo found how out how to properly use fullbring, and we see Tsukishima properly for the first time, that was it really… I haven’t got much to comment on…

Gotta come up with something…. Well… so Ichigo’s fullbring is basically his normal weapon without the blade. A long range weapon then, not sure if it really suits him, he’s more of a mix between long and close range combat, but his only long range ability is getsuga, so the rest of the time, he’s fighting sword to sword. Which means he’ll need to get used to running a lot and pulling a distance between his enemies, i.e. he’ll need to think for once instead of charging in recklessly. I’m sure that’ll be fine with more training, and his guard does actually act like a guard, so that’ll come in handy if he forgets to run.

Tsukishima’s sword looks interesting. After all, it was a bookmark, wonder what that means for its ability. Well, we’ll have to wait to find out, got a lot of episodes to go before that I assume…