Continuing on without Aichi, Kamui and Misaki face Team Spyder


Aichi’s still unfit to fight, so Kamui and Misaki must win the rest by themselves.

On Kamui’s way back, he meets a ‘girl’ crying in the corner with a mask on saying that she must win the next match otherwise bad people are going to get to her… but this is just the strategy of their next opponents, Team Spyder.

One of the other Team Spyder members meet Misaki and remind her of Asaka to throw her off.

The first match will be Kamui vs the crying ‘girl’ … We join their match just as both players reach 5 damage and the ‘girl’ screws up and drops his mask revealing that he’s not a girl so Kamui crushes him relentlessly.

Next match is Misaki against the guy who tried to put her off. First move goes to the guy who rides Pupa Mutant, Giraffa and adds Elite Mutant, Giraffa into his hand.

Misaki rides Crescent Moon, calls psychic bird and moves it to soul to draw. She then calls Dark Cat and uses its skill to allow both players to draw. Cresent Moon attacks with a critical trigger dealing 2 damage. 0-2.

The guy rides Elite Mutant Giraffa and calls Tail Jaw, Gloom Flyman and Stealth Millipede. Millipede boosts Elite who gains 4k more power as all Misaki’s monsters are tapped. It deals one damage and Elite’s skill activates so that one of Misaki’s monsters can’t stand next turn and he chooses Dark Cat. Flyman then attacks with 3k extra power as Misaki’s monsters are tapped and deals 1 damage. 2-2.

Misaki rides Half Moon and soul charges 2 cards. She then calls Cocoa, Oracle Guardian, Red Eye and Crescent Moon. Crescent moon attacks Tail Jaw and Red Eye attacks vanguard but the latter is guarded. Because of the power gaining ability of Elite and Flyman, Misaki leaves Cocoa standing.

The guy rides Death Warden, Ant Lion and soul charges to increase its power by 2k. He calls another Ant Lion and attacks to deal 1 damage. 3-2.

Misaki hasn’t drawn Full Moon, so she rides CEO Amaterasu and soul charges to look at the top card of her deck. She then calls a second Amaterasu. Her vanguard attacks with a critical trigger dealing 2 damage. Red eye deals 1 damage and second Amaterasu is guarded. 3-5.

The guy rides another Ant Lion and soul charges to make 8 cards in soul meaning he can use its skill, soulblast 8, counterblast 5, none of Misaki’s rearguard can stand next turn. He then calls Evil Armour General, Giraffa. His vanguard Ant Lion deals 2 damage with critical trigger and the others are guarded. 5-5.

With the luck of the draw on her side, Misaki draws and rides Full Moon Tsukuyomi. She uses its counterblast twice, cost of 2, draw two and place one into soul. With a hand of five, she calls out Half Moon, Chocolate, Lozenge Magus, Oracle Guardian and Meteor Break Wizard replacing all of her tapped monsters. With a draw trigger her vanguard has more than enough power to win.


So far so good, Misaki and Kamui managed to get through without Aichi’s help with a 2-0 win. Although this was Team Spyder, whose members weren’t even named, or I don’t remember them… so it was expected. It was nice to see Misaki getting over her loss to Asaka though, which was what Team Spyder’s here for I assume. Although I have to admit Misaki looked so close to losing, if she didn’t draw Full Moon when she did, she would’ve lost so badly, guess the heart of the cards guided her. Ant Lion is quite the annoying card, another screw your opponent over card like Stil Vampire.

So the majority of Megacolony are jamming cards then, or rather, that’s their playing style. Would be an interesting clan to play, although doesn’t suit my style, maybe Raven.

Nothing interesting in this episode, although I think I noticed a few mistakes, either that, or they just missed it out. It was when Ant Lion attacked and the guy was checking drive triggers but only drew once, similarly CEO Amaterasu only had one trigger drawn when it attacked. I’ve only watched it once, due to lack of time, so maybe it was my memory, it was around midnight… either that or they decided to skip it, I guess it’s not a big thing as they’ll definitely show if someone draws a trigger, but just makes me wonder if it’s another skill or something that forbids the second drive trigger check.

Okay so, as I said, no developments, nothing interesting. But they face Brilliant Stars next, so I hope that’ll provide some much needed story development.