TRAP is restarted, how will they fair after such a long hiatus?


Mashiro’s discharged and gets straight back to work.

One day, Takahama stays behind after work and shows Ashirogi his manga for their opinion. It’s about a boy who inherits a lot of money and decide to start a business.

At Ashirogi and Miura’s next meeting they learn that Kyoichi Murasaki, a well known detective author, is writing a detective manga in another shounen magazine. And another manga that clashes with theirs start soon. But good news is that TRAP’s first volume sold over 200k copies and second volume is coming out soon. TRAP also received a huge amount of fan mail during hiatus.

CROW’s anime starts which will probably take the manga further the rankings up so beating it will be harder.

TRAP ranked 4th for the return chapter but then dropped to 12th because of the new competing manga that started. Takahama’s one shot manga came in 2nd in the monthly contest it entered.

With TRAP and Hideout door’s ranking so low, they are warned that they’re going to be in danger of cancellation in the next meeting. So, Takagi suggests having a look at the fan letters for any ideas.

Fukuda calls Eiji and wants to help Ashirogi and Nakai avoid cancellation, but Eiji refuses as it’s survival of the fittest.

After going through the letters, it seems fans of TRAP want to see more school life.

In Aoki’s meeting, she says doesn’t mind it ending as long as she can end it herself, this prompts Nakai to try and take over the story, but Aoki displays her annoyance and walks out.

Miura isn’t happy about the changes made by Takagi and reminds him that he’s writing a shounen, as most of the fan letters are from girls.

Hiramaru meets Ashirogi on the road in his new German imported car. But they figure out that it was just a scheme to get Hiramaru to spend so he has to draw manga.

At the next serialization meeting, Hideout Door and TRAP are cancelled. Aoki decides to go back to Shoujo after this and Ashirogi are given 2 ways to finish off the manga, going with the current theme or try something different.

After some encouragement from Azuki, Mashiro and Takagi decide to write something to lead into their next manga.


I thought this episode was a bit fast too. The episode Mashiro gets better is the episode he is cancelled. I don’t remember it being this quick in the manga. I wonder how far they plan to take this season up to, manga wise, if it’s quite far, then I can see why it’s speeding along. Took me by surprise. Well, it’s fine, but I still think they should slow down. At least now Mashiro can recover properly with good breaks and not working non-stop. Their next manga will be the subject of talks now, but I guess we’ll have to see what they’re testing out in the last chapters of TRAP to get an idea of what they’re going for.

I guess this would also be a good break for Takahama as he can now concentrate on his manga as it’s looking like he’ll do well. Shame for Aoki and Nakai though, after Nakai tried so hard to convince her to draw, gotta feel sorry for the guy. If only he could think of stories himself. Wonder what he’ll do now, be a waste if he rage quit, I’m sure he’ll find someone else to work for. But there goes Aoki, if she’s going back to Shoujo, she probably won’t return, her art definitely suited Shoujo better.

With CROW’s anime starting, I wonder how Takagi and Mashiro plan to catch up. It’s going to be a long shot… But whatever it is, I hope it’ll be interesting, for their sake. Otherwise they got no chance. Although the authors seemed to have made CROW into a seemingly unbeatable ‘antagonist’, for Mashiro and Takagi to beat them it’ll have to be very very convincing. If they can’t do that, then I won’t be happy, although maybe they don’t plan to have Ashirogi beat CROW so it can act like a goal to give them inspiration and to spur them on manga after manga. But being shounen, I do expect them to win eventually. And it better be good.