Khamshin joins Rebecca and Wilhelmina into seireiden as war breaks out in the real world.


Now that the main force has left, all’s quiet where Shana is. Without the Trinity there she knows that the Flame Haze has a chance to get through, so she’ll wait.

Wilhelmina and gang first raises tendou-kyu out of the water.

In Zurich, outlaws HQ, they are notified the main attack is on Tokyo. A fuzetsu is set up cutting off communications.

In Tokyo we see Ribesal lead the attack on the outlaw branch repeatedly firing cannons and then charges himself with a huge squadron of troops. Inside the building Flieder is in command and bad news comes as their northern defence acted too rashly and is taken out. Knowing the current floor can’t hold out he moves everyone to the second floor and moves to the frontlines himself to alert everyone. He moves in just in time to save two Flame Haze of the northern defence and meets Ribesal. It seems they know each other as they have a short reminiscing chat before beginning their fight.

Reports from Tokyo finally reach Zurich but they haven’t heard anything from the branch in Romania. Other branches in Greece and Egypt are under attack as well but no one has been overrun yet. But with all of the enemy forces out here, the ones at base must be minimal, so their main plan of a surprise attack on seireiden should go as planned. They must be weary though as the Trinity haven’t shown themselves yet.

As Sophie walks somewhere, Centerhill, one of the four gods of earth, makes his appearance.

He says he’s not here to help, but to observe when it would be good for them to intervene and to see what Bal Masque wants to do. So they can still intervene, just not yet.

Sophie’s vice commander is Francoi Auric who keeps them up to date on everything and organises everything.

In the abyss lands, I think that’s the name of the place… Yuji, the trinity and others advance slowly but surely to Snake’s body.

Decarabis reports to Fecor that everything’s going well, but he can’t see Sophie anywhere. He’s suspicious they may try a sneak attack so he wants the troops in HQ to stand ready. This suspicion is purely a hunch though as he thinks things are too easy.

Shana wants to see Yuji again to try the most powerful spell. But not yet, she wants to face Yuji as a Flame Haze.

Just as two random monsters are walking around complaining about the boredom of protecting the seireiden, Khamshin and Rebecca make their appearance and start their assault.


Well, things are finally heating up a bit as the war begins. It has been lacking in action lately, this episode certainly doesn’t make it all up, but it’s a start and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come. I’m assuming it’ll be mainly focused on Rebecca and Khamshin’s sneak attack though, it is fun to watch destruction. I wouldn’t mind seeing the smaller fights around the world either, though it seems like it’ll only show the more important fights between the commanders of the smaller forces and commanders of the Flame Haze.

I wonder where Wilhelmina’s got to and why she raised tendou-kyu out of the water like atlantis… maybe it was mentioned somewhere, but I don’t remember her planning anything there. Or was there something needed so they can detect and enter seireiden at tendou-kyu?

Anyway, Sophie’s plan seems to be going well, they got to seireiden before Fecor or Decarabia could do anything to stop them. And now that Rebecca and Khamshin has the element of surprise on their side they should at least be able to have a bit of fun before reinforcements arrive. Seeing as Wilhelmina isn’t there at the moment I assume she’ll be rescuing Shana personally whilst those two act like decoys.

I can see why Decarabia’s in charge of the army, it seems he operates in a dimension of his own or something where he can keep an eye on everything, beats all the communication technology in the world. And he is rather intelligent, at least more so than say Ribesal who charged in first to attack. I would like to see his fight with Flieder, then again, I would like to see the main fights of the other branches too, and who’s in charge of them.

But first, I think this war will depend mainly on how well the sneak attack goes. If Yuji and the trinity are trapped in the abyss, then they’ve won, but I very much doubt that’ll happen. So makes me wonder how and who will stop them, either that or they want to ‘rescue’ Yuji and so travel into the abyss themselves.

Anyway, the planning’s over, the fights have started. Let’s continue with the largest war between Flame Haze and Denizens.