After a quick search on the SOTW page I noticed that I’ve never blogged a Savage Genius song, very weird… as it is my favourite band. I did put up my favourite song from them, Forever, in my top 5 openings. So I thought I have to put up another song by Savage Genius.

The song I chose, out of the many songs of Savage Genius I own, is Mou Nidoto.

Annoyingly I couldn’t find a youtube video for the song, I could only find the anime movie that it was a part of. The song starts at 1:39. Although I was short on time during searching, so if anyone can find the song please comment and link.

And the anime is Kiddy Grade Movie 2 ~Maelstrom~. I had absolutely no idea it was meant for that, it was in a Savage Genius album I have so I just listened to it like any other song and is one of my favourite Savage Genius songs, partly because it isn’t as flamboyant as her other songs and more sombre.

Although this song’s one of her more ‘smoother’ songs you could hear her style during the more upbeat parts of the song. And oddly enough it’s those parts I remember, though being the chorus does help. I think it’s one of the more charming songs Savage Genius have, I loved the simple main tune of it and still remember that middle eight. I guess overall I prefer more of her ‘lighter’ songs than her usual ones, like First Smile and Itsuka Tokeru Namida. There was another song too, can’t remember the name, but it was acoustic.

Seeing as Raven’s did Nana Kitade’s songs, I may consider doing more Savage Genius songs. Let’s see what strikes my fancy next time.